The Ultimate Agile Guide

After being part of the Agile world for a while, we at Eylean feel it is time to share our experience and advice. Thus as we celebrate the fth birthday of Eylean Board, we decided to write all of our knowledge up in an eBook for you to read and learn.

Step into Scrum ban

A short guide to familiarize yourself with a Scrumban framework. This document defines fundamental practices and guidelines.

Getting started with Agile and Scrum

Follow this short guide to introduce yourself with agile and scrum practices. We made it as simple as it can be with samples and important tips to get you up to speed.

Scrumban for Project Management

As a project manager or process coordinator you might have already grabbed a taste that agile and lean does not work ideally in all the cases. Sometimes a mix of those two produce way better results. In this whitepaper we will cover techniques and mixed methods from kanban and scrum. Also, we will describe new opportunities and features of those mixes. This is a "must read" for lean startups and dynamic teams.

Whitepaper - Scrum vs Kanban vs Scrumban

As Agile methodologies are becoming more popular, more companies try to adapt them. The most popular of them are Scrum and Kanban while Scrumban is mixed guideline set of Scrum and Kanban. Because of a different framework variety, there might be some confusion on which methodologies should a company adapt and how they differ. Each framework has its own drawbacks and benefits. In order to find out which method is best for your company we need to understand what purposes they have, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Whitepaper - Developing agile project task and team management practices

In this whitepaper you will find best practices for Agile and Lean new comers Also, there will be plenty of guidance for daily routines in project task and team management. All the insights are based on Eylean board use cases.