Eylean for TFS users

  • Agile task board to visually manage TFS work items

  • Custom TFS integration for customized TFS process templates

  • Kanban implementation for TFS to increase team’s productivity

  • Intuitive user interface which makes the tool really easy to use

Effortless start

TFS board

Don’t worry about adapting to a new tool. The current tasks of your TFS project are simply visualized on Eylean task board. Keep the Backlog of the project in TFS and use Eylean for a visual management of current tasks.

Custom use

TFS custom use

Flexibly edit integration configuration to represent your customized TFS process on Eylean or improve only the task board without affecting TFS. Easily make changes in order to improve productivity. Implement Kanban to your TFS easily!

Manage tasks

TFS board tasks

Double click on the task board to create new tasks, use detailed task view to add description, file attachments and comments to the task. Drag-and-drop to manage task cards – change status, assign or track time.

Manage performance

TFS manage performance

Monitor performance and evaluate the progress. Use Burndown charts to see if your team is fulfilling the plan. Track time and use time reports to see who was working and how long it took to complete a specific task.

TFS Process templates

TFS process template

Eylean offers TFS 2015 - 2010 integration. TFS Agile, TFS Scrum, SfTS, TFS CMMI and Microsoft Kanban 1.0 process templates are supported. If you need integration with customized TFS process templates, check below.


TFS synchronize board

Making changes in TFS or Eylean are synchronized on the other product. Use “Synchronize” button or enable automatic data synchronization between TFS and Eylean to see up to date information. Set the frequency synchronization in User configuration.

Customized TFS process templates

Custom TFS integration

You can integrate Eylean with TFS even if you’re using a customized TFS process template. Just match Eylean and TFS process templates by manually making changes in Eylean integration configuration.

Additional fields

TFS custom board fields

Desired Custom fields from TFS can be seen and edited in the detailed view of the task card in Eylean. To add them, edit Additional Field mapping in the integration configuration of Eylean.

Kanban Board for TFS

TFS Kanban

Eylean supports Microsoft Kanban 1.0 process template, so you can easily get use of all Kanban benefits. If you would like to switch to Kanban but do not want to make big changes in TFS right away, have a try with Eylean. Manual TFS state mapping lets you have a Kanban board with any TFS process template.

Create Tasks

TFS board create task

Double click on the desired column of the board, choose the type of the task – product backlog item or bug – and enter the title. Double clicking on the created task opens detailed task view where additional information, alerts, estimations and attachments can be added.


TFS board item id

See TFS item ID on the task cards in Eylean. Quickly find the task that you need using search – enter its ID and only desired task card will be visible. Click on the item ID to open the task in browser.

Split into Subtasks

TFS board subtasks

There are two ways of creating Subtasks for a Task:

  • Open the detailed view of the Task and use Tasks tab
  • When a Task is in the first column of Work In Progress section, double click on the second column to create Subtasks for this Task. Just make sure to click on the same lane where the Task is placed.

TFS Areas

TFS board areas

Integrate TFS Areas with Eylean Categories. Drag-and-drop task cards on the title of selected Category to assign them. Click on the name of the Category to filter its tasks.

Drag and drop

TFS board drag and drop

Drag-and-drop the task card to assign it to team members or categories. Use “Take task” button to assign a Task to yourself. To indicate the status of the Task, move task cards through the columns of the board.


TFS board comments

Forget the mess in your Inbox. Ask questions, share ideas and discuss the problems about the task right in the task card using Comments field.

Burndown chart

TFS burndown

Check the progress in Burndown chart counted by estimation hours, complexity points or number of tasks. See the real progress using Cumulative Burndown path where value increase is summed up through the period and the path burns down by using decrease in value. To see the ideal path (dotted line) in Burndown chart you have to use time boxing in rows.

Time Tracking

TFS time tracking

Track time either for self-assessment or reporting to client. Drag-and-drop a task card on the clock to start track time. Pause and stop time tracking using the buttons next to the clock.

Time Reports

TFS time reports

Tracked time is summed up and shown in time reports. They are grouped by tasks or users and have various filtering options to show just the info you need.