Eylean for Kanban teams

  • Kanban board to visualize and manage the workflow

  • Lead and Cycle time reports to evaluate the performance

  • Intuitive user interface which makes the Kanban tool really easy to use

Visualize flow

Kanban visualize flow

Visualize your current process on a virtual Kanban board. Flexible board configuration, task cards of different colors and overview of the whole project lets you notice problems on time and make necessary changes to improve.

Manage flow

Kanban manage flow

Use separate backlog columns for tasks of different priority. Limit WIP and use column queues to avoid multi-tasking and complete each task as quickly as possible. Manage the workflow, notice bottlenecks and eliminate the problems.

Monitor performance

Kanban monitor performance

Monitor performance and efficiently plan your work. Rely on your past performance - Lead and Cycle time reports show the average time spent on a task. Also use time reports for invoicing and managing working time of support teams.


Kanban teamwork

Drag and drop a task card to move or assign it, get a clear view of tasks assigned to each member or check who has been working on a specific task. Communicate with team members in the detailed task view.

Kanban board

Kanban board

Visualize the workflow on a virtual Kanban board. Fully configurable task board flexibly adapts to your needs. Use task cards of different colors and tag important tasks with short messages to attract attention. An overview of the whole project strengthens responsibility of team members and encourages seeking for the best result.

Several rows

Kanban board rows

Use rows to group work by themes or visualize multiple value streams. If you have a large number of rows - hide selected rows by removing them from scope so that only actual ones are visible. This makes your board easier to understand.

WIP Limits

Kanban board WIP limits

The task limit of a column is shown at the top right corner of it. Choose either to highlight the columns containing too many tasks, or to forbid moving more tasks to that column.

Backlog prioritizing

Kanban board backlog priorities

Make sure everybody knows which tasks have to be completed first. Use separate columns for tasks of different priority in Backlog.


Kanban board queues

Use queue columns to make the process clear and shorten lead time. Development, Test and Acceptance columns are divided into two parts. Place the task card in the right part only when it’s ready to be pulled further.

Lead and Cycle time reports

Lead cycle time

See how long it takes for a task to reach the Output section from the moment it’s created or check how long it takes to complete a task once it’s moved to WIP section. Lead and Cycle time charts show each task on a time line regarding its completion date. Histogram charts for Lead and Cycle time represent task count grouped by the amounts of time (minutes, hours or days) taken for particular step to complete.

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative flow diagram helps to monitor the progress of tasks. The chart shows which of the tasks have not been started yet, how many tasks are in progress and which of them have been done.



Convenient dashboard helps to see the big picture of the project. Easily understand the performance of each team member, completed tasks and the overall progress of the project.

Time tracking

Kanban board time tracking

Time tracking may be important for support teams or invoicing. Track time while working or add time to a task manually and check time reports by tasks or by users.


Kanban board assignments

See the whole team on the right panel, easily identify the members by their photos. Drag and drop the task on the name of team member to assign it. Click on a name to filter tasks of a specific team member.


Kanban board task comments

Forget the mess in your Inbox. Ask questions, share ideas and discuss the problems about the task right in the task card using Comments field.

Time reports

Kanban board time reports

Use interactive time reports to find out how much time was spent on a specific task. Move mouse over the tracked time and find out who was working. Use various filtering options to receive the exact info you need.

Personal tasks

Kanban board personal tasks

To assign a task drag and drop it on the name of team member or use “take task” button to assign a task to yourself. Check your assignments in “My tasks”.