Daily Scrum is a key part to any Scrum adoption. However, making sure the team is excited and participates fully can be a challenge. To make sure you take full advantage of this Scrum meeting, here are a couple of tips to help you succeed and motivate your team. 1 – A Set Time & Place First and foremost, pick a clear time and place for your Daily Scrums. This may seem mundane and unnecessary,…

Taking on a new project management approach requires determination and effort. Switching from traditional to Agile project management practices is no different. In order to succeed you have to not only know how your daily operations are going to change, but also have a clear focus and a will to go through them. In order to help you out on the journey, here are 7 common Agile rookie mistakes you should avoid. 1 – Underestimating…

There is no question that Scrum is one of the most popular project management practices today. Unfortunately, the successful adoption rate of Scrum is not as high as its popularity rating. Since the method yields such good results for various companies, it seems like those trying it out should do everything they can in order to succeed. However the reality is a little different. Too often, previous project management practices and underlying assumptions get in…

When deciding to go Agile many teams find it difficult to see which of the many applications will be right for them. And in most cases without actually trying them out, it will be impossible to tell which will be the right fit from the start. However, there is a way of guiding teams into choosing something that will be the closest to their ideology. And if you could, wouldn’t you like to know where…

Many teams start their Agile journey with Scrum. It offers a nice pathway into running a project, defined team roles and a clear accountability structure to clients. However, choosing the Agile method is just half the battle as many teams then turn to another struggle – choosing the tool. Since you are on the Eylean blog, there is no surprise i am going to say this choice is simple. You pick Eylean Board and start…

Agile Starter Pack

Agile implementation never happens instantly. There are various steps to take and hurdles to defeat before your team gets to the end and starts enjoying the benefits. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to struggle. And we at Eylean want to aid your efforts with this starter pack.

This blog is full of various tips, tricks, application examples and other helpful stuff. But you are probably too busy running your teams and businesses to go looking. That’s why instead we prepared one stop helpful resources for you and your team.

Making an Agile transition is a full on organizational change. Workflows, processes and even team roles need to be adjusted. However, all of it can be tricky as well. Understanding the key roles of Scrum often has a direct effect on the methodology succeeding or failing. And one of the most common misconceptions is that the Project manager and the Scrum master roles are pretty much the same.

Coming from the traditional project management point of view it could seem simple. You have a team in both cases, then a project manager to oversee the team which is renamed into Scrum master and then you have the senior management which in this case is the Product Owner. Seems right? Well, it isn’t.

BoardIf you follow this blog, Agile application in industries other than software development is nothing new. However, while I often discuss on how to apply the methods in various situations, i have not before actually shown you how it look s in real life.

Agile is beautiful in the sense that it can literally take any form as long as it remains true to the key values. But when you are just starting out with the method it may be difficult to go beyond the traditional 3 columns of To Do, Doing and Done.

In order to inspire and get your own creativity going, here are 5 Agile boards used in traditional departments outside software development.

The web of HR


By now, Agile is synonymous with change and improvement. Teams are practicing it to be better, create according to customer needs and to deliver faster. However, is taking on the methodology of improvement enough? Or are you still facing a risk of failing?

Christiaan Verwijs has a definite answer to this question and that is Zombie Scrum. Extensively discussed in this article it talks about teams that adopt the technology and seem to successfully practice it, but in reality are all but Scrum zombies failing to unleash the full power of Scrum and hurting themselves in the process.

Does your team fall into this category? Here are the symptoms to check!

Just started applying Scrum and still find it difficult to understand all of the different terms and rules? The two different backlogs, roles, meetings and everything else is quite confusing at first. However, there is no need to worry as I am here to help! Grab this handy cheat sheet and enjoy quick Scrum facts for your convenience.

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