Reports are one of the most important tools to evaluate your team’s and project’s success. Preparing them on the other hand is usually a hassle. Almost no one wants to spend hours gathering data, putting it together and then presenting the results. The good news is that now you don’t have to. All you need is the right tool for the job and ability to modify the reports in a way that makes sense for…

Stack-of-reports-007When talking about reports, the image that comes to most of our heads is hundreds and hundreds of pages filled with words, numbers and charts. In fact, most of us do not like to either prepare or to read reports unless they contain the exact information we are looking for. However, this image of reporting is a little outdated as with the new technology available, they have changed and are able to bring a lot more to the table.

Since the computerization of the office, the changes in reports can be summarized in three words – automatic, on time and insightful. Nowadays, the reports are mostly automatic as various project management software does exist for the sole purpose of generating them for the team. Because of that, reports are also usually live, meaning that the needed report can be accessed at any time and it will provide up to date information. The insight that reports can create for the team is also greater, as a computer can quickly analyze and cross-analyze the important data to provide information that may not be visible at first.

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