Project management is one hell of a job. The expectation of multitasking is almost a given. That doesn’t mean, however, that it comes naturally to everyone.  Learning how to prioritise and multitask is of massive benefit to any project manager for three distinct reasons: Optimum productivity – We can all hope to use our time wisely and get the most from the hours we spend. Learning how to prioritise and multitask will ensure that we…

How to manage project expectations is a favorite topic of any project manager. Effectiveness of this process is as important as communication or risk management. So, what is an project expectations management? It is all about bringing users, customers, project sponsors and other interested people to the same result. At the end neither of the parties should be disappointed with the outcome. This can be achieved by communicating on the expected results, visualizing them in…

PMWelt is coming up on the 13th of March and we are happy to announce we will be a part of it! Come meet us at our booth to discuss project management and how Eylean Board can help your team. Eylean Board is a project management solution created with your team in mind. Instead of only focusing on the features we aim to make sure every team member feels comfortable and likes using Eylean…


There are certain questions about project management that we seem to hear time and time again. Whether its new users or experienced ones there are just some things that always seem to come up. So instead of having you search for the truth all over the internet, here are the most common questions about project management and their answers!

What is Project Management?

Project Management is a term used to describe activities aimed at controlling and guiding the project from the initial phases to the finish line. It includes all actions of planning, organizing and delivering the result to the client and is usually performed by one or a couple people on the team that are solely responsible for managing the project and are not part of the actual product creation.

Why should We use Project Management?

Project management is usually necessary to control all of the moving parts in the project. The project manager helps coordinate the various teams to make sure everyone stays on path, communicates with the clients to get their requirements and make sure the result fits their vision and informs stakeholders of the project progress and value. So it is a great way to make sure you deliver the project the right way and on time.

What is the best Project Management Method?


Over the years we at Eylean have written a substantial amount of articles about project management, teams and tasks, time tracking and various other topics. However, you might have just joined us recently and instead of scrolling through should be able to find everything in one place. This is exactly what that is – your Eylean guide into the world of project management.


First things first – no project could go ahead without a great leader. But what does it actually mean? Should you be strict or lenient, control the team in every step or let it find its own way? We get deeper into these topics with – The Many Hats of a Project Manager: Daily Struggles and Solutions and Becoming A True Agile Leader.


Sorting out your team is often the next tough job you have to face a PM. So check out 5 Ways Of Getting There With Your Team to see how to motivate your employees and get them on the same page towards the goal. If you have started employing a younger generation but struggle to understand their ways Millennials In Your Team will be worth a while. Lastly the cautionary tale Amazon: The Story Of Productivity Taken Too Far should help you draw a nice line between team motivation and overworking them.


This is the second part of the favorite Eylean articles of 2016. The top 5 brings us back to the beginning of Agile application, a lot of great advice on how to make sure you succeed as well and a nice example that it is not for software developers alone.

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5th place – Choose The Right Agile Method

Agile methodologies might seem tricky, especially if you are choosing one for the first time. See what the key differences between the different options are and choose the right one based on the type of work you do.

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