Written by: Michael Deane No matter how many cups of coffee you drink, you cannot stay equally productive the entire day or week. So what can you do to stay productive? Increasing productivity is one of the primary concerns of the age we live in. To do more in less time. Employers want us to be more productive, we want to be more productive, and there is an abundance of blog posts which provide seemingly…

We have encountered numerous positive changes in our day-to-day office life after adopting agile. The project process is more effective, the team members have clear tasks and responsibilities and we are able to adapt and react almost instantly. However, while agile practices do bring the team productivity up, the question remains whether they do propose any changes to our personal productivity habits and the productivity curve of the office week?

To answer this question, we should first define our understanding of the productivity curve. To put it simply, it is a curve that defines our productivity during the work week. The curve tends to vary for each specific business field, however the common tendency is that the productivity is lowest at the beginning and the end of the work week, while the peak is reached somewhere in between.

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