Everyone knows there is no project without a team. A group of individuals that help each other and all work together to achieve the end goal that need just as much attention as every other part of the project. This is why in designing Eylean we made sure team management is done right.

With every project there are two distinct sides crucial for success – the project manager and the the team. The manager needs to be able to control the team and monitor their progress, while the team needs to easily share information and communicate with one another. Forgetting one or the other is really not an option when we talk about a complete project management solution.

So, first things first, once a project starts you need a good system in place to manage the people that work for you. Eylean has got you covered by making sure this is as easy as possible.


The business world is facing a society and environment like never before. While on one hand it seems like the progress has slowed down and there are fewer big change waves, at the same time we are creating more small scale inventions than ever before. New technology is tweaking our lives, making it easier to do almost everything and at the same time giving most of you in the business world a headache on how in the world to keep up. How to know which novelties will become popular and which will bust? And could your management practices ensure the cash cow of today will not become a dog tomorrow? Let’s see.

Staying relevant and understanding what your customers want is key to survival in this market. As new companies are founded every single day, you have to change with the technology and trends or your customers will move on. And due to the same speed of change it is becoming more and more important to actually ask and listen what the customers opinions are.

“Business executives should leave the big data and offices behind and go talk to their customers once in a while.” says Martin Lindstormm and I could not agree more. In his recent article, Mr. Lindstormm outlines holding on to what you think your customers want as one of the main reasons most of Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are no longer. And with the ever-changing technology capabilities, it has become not only more difficult to predict customers wishes, but also more important to ask what they are.


As the holiday season ends, we find ourselves looking onto the New Year and making promises to be better, to achieve new goals and to get rid of old habits. The sad truth however is that as the days of the new year start rolling by, we tend to minimize, put off or even forget our resolutions altogether. For most of us the New Year resolutions never come true. But is it really impossible to make sure you stick to them? We say no – all it takes is a little effort and determination on your side. 

The main problem we encounter when trying to fulfill our goals is the lack of understanding of our own capabilities. When these resolutions are made, we often forget to think about how it will be us that will have to make them come true and instead we just envision the best possible version of ourselves for the following year. To make sure this imagination is dosed with some reality, there are three little tips you can follow.

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