Making any change in the way your team works can be a challenge. However, if you are set on changing your process to Kanban, there are ways to make it smoother and ensure your team accepts the new order. Curious to know how to successfully onboard your team to Kanban? Keep on reading. Introducing Kanban Without a doubt, Kanban is a great option for those needing flexibility and adaptability in their project management. However, just…

Taking on a new project management approach requires determination and effort. Switching from traditional to Agile project management practices is no different. In order to succeed you have to not only know how your daily operations are going to change, but also have a clear focus and a will to go through them. In order to help you out on the journey, here are 7 common Agile rookie mistakes you should avoid. 1 – Underestimating…

While Kanban has been around for quite some time now, there are still many questions new practitioners have. To make sure you can get all the answers in one place, I have gathered 10 top questions about Kanban. Below you will find the answers to give your team as a head start. Is Kanban Agile? First and one of the most common questions people have about Kanban is whether it is actually…

When deciding to go Agile many teams find it difficult to see which of the many applications will be right for them. And in most cases without actually trying them out, it will be impossible to tell which will be the right fit from the start. However, there is a way of guiding teams into choosing something that will be the closest to their ideology. And if you could, wouldn’t you like to know where…

Kanban is by far not a novelty in the Agile world. It is a well-practiced and known method amongst those that seek to optimize their efforts and improve results. However, up until now it has been seen as more of a loose approach, only offering vague guidance to its user. This resulted in many teams preferring other Agile methods that are more structured and thus missing out on what Kanban has to offer. However, a…

Written by: Sreeram Sreenivasan IT operations are constantly interrupted by unexpected issues that need immediate attention. This can keep your team from meeting deadlines for their planned project work. It can lead to mounting technical debt which only adds more pressure. Eventually, it creates an environment that is not conducive to retain talented employees. In fact, organizations lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. To strike a balance between planned…

Agile Starter Pack

Agile implementation never happens instantly. There are various steps to take and hurdles to defeat before your team gets to the end and starts enjoying the benefits. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to struggle. And we at Eylean want to aid your efforts with this starter pack.

This blog is full of various tips, tricks, application examples and other helpful stuff. But you are probably too busy running your teams and businesses to go looking. That’s why instead we prepared one stop helpful resources for you and your team.

Ever felt lost about the Kanban terms or wanted to have a quick check whether you are doing it right?

Below is another handy Agile framework cheat sheet combined just for that! Check it for a quick reminder on how to move forward. WIP limits, planning triggers or just about anything else you might need.

All About Kanban

In the spirit of continuing with the article roundup, this week I present to you everything related to Kanban. If you are still wondering how push and pull differs or what does WIP limit stand for, this one is for you. So take a look and dive into the world of self-organization and progress.

The Basics

Just starting with one of the more flexible Agile approaches? No worries we’ve got you covered. Learn the basics with 5 steps to start doing Kanban, configure your work space after reading Setting Up a Kanban Board and start adding work items with the knowledge of 5 Ways to Execute Kanban Task Cards.

Once your process is all set up and running, learn to measure the progress with two most popular Kanban reports:


This is the second part of the favorite Eylean articles of 2016. The top 5 brings us back to the beginning of Agile application, a lot of great advice on how to make sure you succeed as well and a nice example that it is not for software developers alone.

Keep on reading to find out more!

5th place – Choose The Right Agile Method

Agile methodologies might seem tricky, especially if you are choosing one for the first time. See what the key differences between the different options are and choose the right one based on the type of work you do.

Choose-Agile-method for posting

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