electronic taskboard


Any good project management software is nothing without a nice way to overlook and manage the tasks that are being performed by the team. And at Eylean we are especially proud of our intuitive task board that helps you plan, oversee, manage and perform tasks in a easier and quicker way.

For those that have not used Eylean just yet let me tell you – the task board is the heart of operation here helping you to be better every day. However, contrary to what you may think, it is not at all hard to use. We designed it to be visual and understandable for everyone – from IT to sales we are sure you will be pros in 5 minutes.

pi_excel_410x256Microsoft Excel is well known for its capabilities far beyond a simple spreadsheet. It is used for calculations, data storage and due to the embedded formulas and programing can become almost any tool you would like. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that besides the uses for statistical analysis and annual reports it has also been widely used for project management. However, here we should focus on the past tense simply because in my opinion the time of Excel in project management is over and if you are still using it, most likely you are not reaching your full potential. Let me explain why.

Excel is a great tool and its applications in various fields prove that without a doubt. However, the time when Excel provided great advantages in project management is over and we are all better off because of that. To replace the king, we have a wide array of prominent candidates – for the last couple of years project management tools have been sprouting like weeds after a good rain and the selection nowadays is wide and great. It is not only that there is a variety of tools to choose from, but also that the tools are being improved and evolved at a very fast pace. By now, they are as intricate, feature filled and diverse as ever and there is really no reason why you should not use one. However, I know you might still be doubting me so I will go ahead and give you 5 simple reasons why you should switch.

We recently talked about the advantages of using electronic whiteboard. If you are thinking about installing one, there are a few hardware options to choose from depending on your preferences. Here is a review of the most common ones – including our experience with the one that has worked best for us. 1. A projector and a computer The simplest arrangement is to just use an existing computer and a projector. In such case, the…

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