Agile methodology


Written by: Nadine Rochester Within the field of project management, the concept of agile methods is extremely popular. In fact, many individuals and organisations stress the benefits of adopting an approach that allows projects to evolve gradually, deliver on user expectations, respond to new information and facilitate cross-functional collaboration.  However, while investment in a high-quality agile project management course can certainly pay dividends, it is still worth understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of these methods…

The Ultimate Agile GuideOver the years, we have written a lot about Agile. Whether you’re just looking for fundamentals or want to know what’s coming next, you will most certainly find it in this blog. However, you would in fact have to look and we don’t want to bother you, so instead here is a list of our Agile articles. Hope you enjoy!

Agile Basics

No blog could call itself Agile without talking about the basics and we certainly know it. Check out these when starting out to learn more about the transition – Transitioning to Agile: Understanding the Methods and Transitioning to Agile: Running Effective Meetings, dive deeper into the Agile structure with Agile Hierarchy – How Are The Methods Related? and Scrum vs. Kanban vs. Scrumban – What’s the difference? and successfully lead the change with the help of Becoming A True Agile Leader.

Want to read all of that in one place? Check out this – The Ultimate Agile Guide, for the basics as well as our inside view and knowledge.

If you, just like us, ever found yourself confused by the number of agile methodologies and their hierarchy, then this post is exactly for you. We use the picture below as our cheat sheet and thought some of you would like it as well. So let us dive in! As expected, at the core of it all we have the agile theory, representing the core values and the 12 principles defined in the manifesto. As…

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