Eylean together with ITW, a global manufacturer of automotive fasteners, has developed the first software, compliant with the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) standards. The product delivers KPI tracking, automated auditing, log revision and other tools designed to simplify process management in the automotive industry. 

The IATF requirements help ensure product quality during it’s development process. However, the process has to be validated manually by the assigned quality control officers. This affects the timing, complexity and therefore cost of each development project. The software, developed by Eylean and ITW provides a range of new functionalities to better streamline workflows, track the process and implement necessary changes faster. 

“The automotive industry uses Agile project management tools all the time, however, there was no software available in the market with industry-specific tools to assist teams in meeting goals set by the IATF,” said  Kamile Vitaite,  Chief Sales Officer  at  Eylean. “When ITW approached us with the request, we were thrilled: listening to our customers is one of our core values, which inspires us to continue developing our product to better fit the needs of the client. In addition, by adapting our software to the ever-changing requirements, we can offer our software application services to a wider range of industries.”

Eylean’s new tool is specifically designed to evaluate how the product fulfills the IATF requirements throughout the three development stages: Product Development, Product and Process Validation, and Product and Series Trial. The software enables to better plan and perform quality checks and audits throughout all of these stages without a glitch. For companies in demanding industries like automotive even the smallest hold up could result in significantly increased costs.  

Quality assurance safeguards are integrated within the project management tools. They enable managers to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs). Teams can stay up to speed with the overall progress, as well as stay focused on the current tasks at hand. 

“Eylean is a lifesaver when it comes to IATF compliance audits and data collection,” said Manuel Hübner,  Team Manager  at ITW. “It’s now easy to add timestamps and signoffs for specific quality milestones, as well as for checking log levels, which has saved us an incredible amount of time. Since it’s all integrated into one tool, it makes the collaboration in the production line much more seamless.” 

The newly-launched software will enable the automotive industry to ramp-up processes across teams, departments, and even regions. Reducing the heavy manual workload will enable more manufacturers to stay in tune with the IATF quality standards and reduce the overall costs.

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