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seele is one of the leaders in the world of façade and roof construction. Providing solutions for spectacular building skins and innovative façades is the responsibility of seele’s 1,000+ employees worldwide. From intelligent planning to efficient installation, seele provides everything necessary to complete ambitious architectural one-offs true to their original designs.

We asked Walter Weber, seele’s Lean Management Representative about their experience with Eylean Board. Read ahead to learn what made seele look for a project management tool and how they applied Agile in their company using Eylean.

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King’s Cross, London: 9000 sqm self-supporting free-form shell structure by seele. Photo copyright owned by seele
Q: Which departments of your company use Eylean?

A: Nearly all departments of seele use Eylean to organize their tasks. Many users use the Scrum method (e.g. in project management) and also import schedules from MS Project using Eylean‘s integration with MS Project. Others use the tool for simple weekly planning.

Q: What made you look for a task and project management solution?

A: A few years ago, a management consultancy firm introduced us to Scrum project management to make our project management more agile. We were sticking post-it notes on paper boards at the time and decided to start looking for a solution that could be used as a digital task board.

Q: Have you tried any Eylean alternatives before?

A: Before we chose Eylean, we were looking at a few different tools. These were JIRA, Scrumdesk and Track+ Genji. In the end, we chose Eylean Board because of its beautiful intuitive user interface, simplicity, ease of use and individual configuration options that allowed us to apply the tool in our organization.

Q: What was the hardest part of Agile transformation for your teams?

A: The most difficult thing was for the teams to adopt the Scrum method. The new understanding of roles has not yet been implemented in all of the teams but we are working on it! Also, compliance with the rules (meetings, timeboxing, etc.) had to be learned as well.

Q: What are the top 3 features of Eylean that bring you the most value?

A: The features that bring us the most value are:
– The individually configurable task board.
– The schedule view.
– The drag and drop functionality.

Q: What are the key values that you get from Eylean?

A: We see the greatest benefits of Eylean in the form of increased task transparency, a much better flow of information and, thus, better teamwork.

Want to find out how Eylean Board could be applied in your organization? Go ahead and grab your free 15-day trial at https://www.eylean.com/en/Download-kanban-scrum-board or book a demo by contacting us at demo@eylean.com.