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ITW Global Fasteners – Eylean Customer Story

About us

I am a Team leader of a German Engineering Team in “ITW Global Fasteners” – a global manufacturing company. We specialize in manufacturing plastic and metal fastener components for the automotive industry. Bundled around this core expertise are a whole host of services to achieve a comprehensive and holistic package encompassing each and every phase from development to integrated assembly.

Why we chose Eylean

Back in 2015, we started looking for a software that could be used to visualize engineering tasks, allowing us to better organize work in the engineering department. Since we have to deliver hundreds of different projects each year, we were searching for a tool that could be used to manage multiple projects at once.

During a meeting later in 2015, we made a decision to choose Eylean due to the following reasons:

  • Good pricing policy.
  • Really good visualization.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to modify for specific needs.
  • Global and independent product.

Implementation & testing

Eylean was implemented and tested during 2016. The people at Eylean provided great support on every issue, as most of them were solved within one day.

Eylean allowed us to send „Weekly Engineering Reports“ to our oganization based on the information every single person stored inside the program. We got a perfect overview of running jobs, job status, responsibilities, actions, alerts, timings, etc.

Others quickly noticed what was happening in our department and started a discussion about testing Eylean in project management. A test phase was ran in the beginning of 2017, linking sales and engineering. After testing it out, we were able to use Eylean both as engineering and project management software at the same time.

This is an example task board (due to confidentiality reasons, the original workspace is not included)

In the middle of 2017, we presented our new software-based teamwork strategy and got positive feedback from upper management. It was decided to implement the strategy in all global sales and engineering departments before the beginning of 2018.

Bottom line

Eylean started at our company as a simple tool to organize engineering tasks and has since grown into a sales and engineering teamwork tool that coordinates projects and jobs. Its integrated project environment allows us to manage all the different processes, elements and stages of each project in one workspace. What we like about Eylean most is the fact that it is not an overpushed big software with a lot of extraordinary functions – it is kept simple and effective.

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