Finding a tool for any group of people can be tough. There are different needs, preferences and requirements we all have and making sure everyone on the team is happy or at least willing to use the chosen solution may be a tall order.
So what happens if you tasked with finding the next tool to rule them all? Well, to put it shortly, you should choose Eylean. It is simple, visual and packed with everything you and your team needs while running Kanban projects.
Are you not convinced yet? Keep on reading!

It’s simple

One of the most common points of push-back managers get when introducing a new tool into the team is an unwillingness to learn yet another new thing. People are reluctant to change their ways of doing things and adopt a new practice that may be switched out after a couple of months. This method is perfectly understandable, and instead of trying to push something new and complicated on your team, we focus on the traditional Kanban board instead.

Eylean is a digitized and improved version of your physical Kanban board. You can make the task board as bare and straightforward as you like, making the transition smooth and mostly unnoticeable. Copy the layout of your physical board, add the tasks and team members, and you are good to go!

Due to the simplicity of the tool, anyone on your team can use it immediately. And once start the additional features will come into play naturally, steadily improving the day to day operations and processes.

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It’s visual

Another big thing for any Agile and Kanban tool is the visuals. The methodology itself is about being able to see the tasks progressing through process steps and reacting accordingly. Eylean Board is with this exact thing in mind.

The task board filled with various visual cues giving you plenty of information – from the team member responsible for coming deadlines and potential bottlenecks. Anyone can take one look at the board and understand if there are any issues the team has to deal with immediately. And if you need a more in-depth analysis of your process, specialized Kanban reports such as lead and cycle time, tracked time and others are always ready to go.

It’s full of features

Talking about specialized reports, Eylean Board fully equipped to handle everything you need for a Kanban project:

  • Priority columns help you sort out the most important tasks
  • WIP limits keep your team working effectively
  • Unlimited tasks and sub-tasks help create a clear structure
  • Live lead and cycle time reports to analyze and predict progress
  • Detailed task view with comments, attachments and the ability to e-mail information immediately
  • Predesigned Kanban and Scrumban boards to start working anytime
kanban, Eylean Board – A Kanban Solution For Every Person In Your Team, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

It’s flexible

Lastly, no two Kanban processes are entirely alike. They serve different products and outcomes and therefore have to differ. Fortunately, Eylean Board has no fixed way of doing Kanban and lets you create the process you need.

Starting from a basic Kanban board, you can build just the structure you need. Like an arrow or a volcano that I have previously discussed in this blog. Or if you need a simple Kanban board, it is there waiting for you to start working.

The choice of how to do Kanban is yours. We are here to give you the best tool for it.