Managing a project is no easy task; however, having the right tool for the job makes the journey that much more comfortable. While most of you know Eylean as an Agile project management solution, in reality, it is more than that. In our efforts to make your projects run smoothly, we have created an all-around project management solution that serves various business needs.

Key Project Management Features

Task Management

In a visual drag & drop task board, you will be able to overlook and manage your tasks easily. Arrange them by columns, priorities or team members and get notified of the upcoming deadlines with various visual aids. You will never have to worry about losing essential details as everything you need is saved in one place.

Team Management

Forget worrying about what your team is doing. As you will always know who is working on which task and what is next. You will be able to monitor all the team members workload, assign roles and create different teams for different projects. While the team members can filter the task board only to see the tasks they have to perform.

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Reporting and Time Tracking

Eylean comes fully equipped with live reports and time tracking. Integrated reports and dashboard allows you to analyze the situation in real-time, creating a more certain way to make crucial decisions.
For time tracking, you can choose the way you like to track your progress. Simply press play to count the minutes and hours automatically or put in your numbers at the end of the day by hand. Both ways, the information will show up in the tracked time reports.

Agile Application

One of the critical features of Eylean is Agile application. We have built this tool in a way that various Agile methods can be used, and the task board itself can be arranged in any way, shape or form. Thus setting the stage for any process your team wants to implement.

On top of that, if you choose Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban predesigned templates are waiting for you as well as specific additional features created just for these applications.


If Scrum is your method of choice, we have user stories, story points and a burndown chart waiting for you. All you have to do is choose the Scrum template and jump in to start planning your sprints. You will be able to adjust the task board if needed and won’t have to worry about missing any specific Scrum details.

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For those that prefer Kanban, we offer WIP limits, priority columns, lead and cycle time reports. You can disclose various information in the task details, making it easy for the team members to self organize and complete work.

Scrumban and others

If you prefer a mixed method of Scrumban or something else altogether, there is no need to worry. As with Eylean, you can pick and choose which features you like and want to use. You can use them all or none at all, making it easy to adjust and adapt to any Agile variation you choose to implement.

Business Software Integration

Here at Eylean, we realize no tool can fully answer every need a business has. Therefore we make sure that Eylean is not a standalone solution, but one that integrates with other popular business software.

eylean, Eylean Board – An All Around Project Management Solution, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog


If you are a developer, you certainly know TFS. However, while it is excellent for creating code, it can get tricky when it comes to project management. The interface is burdensome, and if you have to work with non-developers, it can get downright confusing.

Eylean offers two-way integration with TFS, meaning you can use both of these tools simultaneously. The data syncs back and forth, providing you with the best of both worlds – a place to manage code and a clear project management solution.

MS Outlook

If you run a business, most likely, you have heard and use MS Outlook. As one of the most popular business solutions, we felt it was important you could integrate with Eylean.

As a result, you can easily convert your e-mails into tasks, transferring all the information straight to your team. And if there is a need to inform the third party on the progress, you can send your task information as an e-mail with one button. Now it’s easier to communicate.

Adaptability to Various Industries

Lastly, from the very start here at Eylean, we have realized that Agile is not a one-industry solution. What started in small developer circles has since grown into the new way of doing things, and Eylean is ready to help teams from all industries.

We have built our tool in a way that is simple enough to fit any team and yet carries enough features to answer all your needs. I am sure, once you give it a try, you will find Eylean to be suited for you, just like many others did.