agile industries, 4 Industries That Will Improve by Applying Agile, Eylean Blog, Eylean BlogBeing one of the most popular project management methods today, Agile has been adopted in many industries. While you most probably have heard of many such examples, some still doubt Agile versatility. Therefore, below is a list of applications that prove this method is not only fit for developers. Dive in to discover 4 industries Agile can enhance.

Legal teams

When we think about the legal department and its teams, it may seem like a whole different world than the one of Agile. However, after taking a moment to think about it and assess, it turns out the method has something to offer. It allows for legal teams to have structure, while also focusing on the moment. By only setting up clear plans for the near future, this gives the legal teams plenty of wiggle room and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

It also allows for better client management and communication. Separate Agile boards and defined steps of the process will give a good idea of where each client is standing at any given moment. At the same time, this will be easy to communicate at the weekly progress updates. See more about Agile application for legal teams.



Another rather strict field on this list is our government. A place where innovation is usually feared and used only if necessary. But in case of Agile, could this actually improve the way our cities and countries are run? By now, Agile is a method that is matured and has a strong user base in many countries. Meaning that it can be implemented with little to no guessing and actually help our leaders.

By its nature, the method looks to minimize waste and create the most optimized process. And most of the government surely needs this. Taking a crack at Agile, our officials could create a more open, lenient and optimized processes that would benefit us all. more on Agile application within our government in this article.

agile industries, 4 Industries That Will Improve by Applying Agile, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog



Up next on my list is the ever exciting accounting. A field that most feel doesn’t really have any need for an adoptive project management method since nothing ever changes there. But is that assumption correct? There are many moving important parts in the financial sector and it is very important to to keep track of them all. Agile gives that possibility.

By planning out projects in short iterations, it allows the users to focus on the now, while still minding the big picture. Which for accounting means, having to worry less on the future and instead focusing on the details that are important now. In fact, many financial institutions have claimed that their project time has decreased significantly after implementing Agile. You can find more on that in this article.



Lastly on my list is the field farthest from the traditional office – sports. It may seem that this has nothing to do with Agile and running projects and in most cases that is correct. However, if we think about sports training, Agile starts looking more interesting.

Just like a traditional project, sports training goes through many phases that are designed to prepare the athlete for the big day. More so, when you have a team or a pool of athletes to train, it is very important to keep track of their availability, injuries, training phase and other important specs. While this may not be the traditional use of Agile, using an Agile board makes a lot of sense. You can quickly asses the situation, pull necessary people into training and make sure to be ready. Mladen Jovanović talks more about this idea in this video.

Scrumban in Performance Management from Mladen Jovanović on Vimeo.


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