There are several ways that technology has had an impact on project management. This means that the technology is going to make it a lot easier for you to do all the work that you need for managing the project. It is very important for the project managers to be up to date on the technology in order for them to do their job a lot more efficiently. 


The first way is that it has improved communication. This is a big key to the success of a business. Therefore, there should always be proper communication between the stakeholders, managers, and the members of the team. Now email is going to be one of the most common ways that people inside of a business are going to talk to each other instead of using the memos, voice messages, or fax machines. But some companies have even replaced emails with the social media accounts. This is because it is easier to share their updates and documents along with critical information about the business through the social media website.


The second way is the efficiency of the Cloud. This is because of the variety of different types of project management software. But before now, a lot of these software programs were very expensive and were very labor intensive so it is hard to justify the use of them unless you were a very profitable or large organization. Since the revolution of the programs took place, they are a lot more accessible to all companies. Through the cloud, the technology is going to be very easy to manage and is cost effective. It allows the company to have mobile access and interoperability that the previous project management software programs could not match at any time before.

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The third way is through the real time updates and reporting. It used to take days or weeks for the manager of the project to be able to gather up all of the updates for the stakeholders, distribute all of the latest reports, accordingly update the project plan, and get all of the Gantt charts to the members of the team. But now all of this can be done in seconds through the project management software programs. This also includes checking on the status of the project, updating the documentation of the project, and alerting the members of the team of any issues with the project. The task tracking features of this program makes it easy for everyone to be updated.


The fourth way is through the mobile and decentralized project teams. The project managers used to think that a team could not effectively work together if the members of the team could not meet face to face on a regular basis. But because of all of the advancements in technology with communications and the project management software, the organizations are now be able to build a team for a variety of different projects with the contractors and the employees located in different cities, countries, time zones, and even different continents. This means that the teams are going to have better alignment between the needs of the project and the resources that they have available.

technology, The Impact Technology Can Have on Project Management, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog


The fifth way is through the social collaboration. Now businesses are starting to adopt the collaboration tools of the social media networks on a larger scale. Therefore, the management of all of their projects are going to be easier and faster to do. This is because they don’t have to sift through a bunch of different emails, project documentation, and meeting notes. Instead they will be able to use the collaboration tools in order to communicate with each other in real time. This means that all of their documentation and interactions are going to be all together in one place. Plus all of their ideas are going to be shared with a wider audience. This also means all of the tasks are going to be completed a lot faster when the managers of the project can follow actions. This is not going to disrupt everyone’s day when they have to go to status meetings that are not necessary.


The sixth way is that the workflow is going to be more seamless. This is going to be through the online work management software programs that is going to integrate with the most popular project management products. This means that everyone in the team is going to be speaking the same language and everything is going to happen in real time. It is going to be a real game changer. With teams all over the world are trying to collaborate with each other. It is very important that the project managers keep up with all of the updates that are going to happen  over time. Therefore, they will also need to be able to adapt and learn the new systems and technologies without any problems. This is the best way for the project managers to know that all of their projects are going to succeed.

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