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Boost Your Business Writing Skills – Choose the Right Tool

Written by: Tom Jager

Every self-respecting professional has a small arsenal of tools that they help them to accomplish their routine tasks. For example, a project manager’s toolkit often includes task management apps, communication and collaboration software, task assignment apps, and writing tools.

Among them, writing tools have a special importance. It goes without saying that business writing skills are essential to the success of project managers because much of communication on this job happens through texts, emails, and in other written forms. In fact, poor writing skills cost businesses about $3.1 billion, according to study from CollegeBoard, so their importance is very difficult to overstate.

Project managers have one goal for their writing: to be understood by people working with them. Although this goal seems simple, achieving it requires the ability to be clear and readable, connecting with people with different backgrounds and opinions, and conveying the bigger picture through writing.

Importance of Writing Skills for Project Managers

Writing a business proposal is used by project managers to create estimates for their client projects, so it’s something they have to do quite often. It’s a perfect project to demonstrate the importance of writing skills for project managers because it requires them to convey a lot of information (in fact, a business proposal may contain between 20 and 60 pages) in a clear and concise manner.

A well-written proposal communicates to a potential customer that they’re worth the work. So, putting a little more effort into writing an error-free, compelling text can benefit everyone.

Here’s what you’ll have to convey through writing in a business proposal:

  • Approach or solution. The goal here is to describe the method you think can be effective to solve a client’s business challenge. To persuade the client to agree with you, this section should be as specific and detailed as possible, so only custom, original, and clear writing will do.
  • Project deliverables. Here, your goal as a writer is to provide a detailed description of each of the project’s deliverables so the client knows what he or she can expect from you. If you fail to accomplish that, there will be a great chance of misunderstanding about a project’s expectations later.
  • Labor and cost estimation. Projects often have unexpected twists and turns, so explaining how you used a certain formula to calculate the cost of the project should be done clearly.
  • Your company. Don’t forget to show off your strengths as a company. Explain who you are, your expertise, and how you can complete this project and deliver value to the client.

Clearly, conveying all this information to a potential client could be a daunting task, so any project manager dealing with business proposals must have all the help they can get.

That’s why let’s review some of the best online business writing tools that you can add to your toolkit to help with future business proposals and other writing projects.

1 – MyAssignmentWriting

The first tool on our list offers business writing services and can help you to deliver excellent business proposals. According to business writers at MyAssignmentWriting, they help a lot of people who get bogged down in the details of complex business proposals and projects and forget about the big picture.

If you’re a project manager, you know that being stressed about deadlines and other things can be pretty distracting, so there’s a great chance that you won’t show the bigger picture to the client. Since that is tremendously important, feel free to use this tool to get help with that.

2 –

As it was mentioned above, project managers have one goal for their writing of business documents: to be understood. This, of course, requires the ability to be clear and readable, and this is exactly what this Aussiewritings can help you with. It employs business writing specialists from different countries so you can learn how to get your message across without confusing anyone, even if you’re working in a diverse team.

3 – College Papers

Even though this College Papers started as a writing assistance to college students, it quickly grew into a writing assistance service used by people looking for help with professional writing. Naturally, business writing is also something they can help you with. For example, business plans, business proposals, performance reviews, and other business-related documents – they can teach you to be clear, concise, and compelling.

4 – Proessaywriting

Proessaywriting follows a specific strategy to help you with business writing. It’s called SPA and aims to make your writing Simple, Positive, and Active. First, they can help you achieve simplicity in your writing by avoiding corporate jargon and complex language.

Second, positive language can differentiate your business proposal from others, and you can get valuable help with it here. Third, they can improve the quality of your business writing by writing in the active voice and avoid passive that makes it sound like it was written by a robot.

5 –

According to Matt Grinspoon, one of the founders of A-Writer, long, complicated sentences with sophisticated vocabulary that used to be a standard in business writing aren’t going to work in a modern business proposal. The kind of writing that is preferred right now is clear, concise, and much more informal, and this is exactly what you can get help with at A-Writer.

6 – Essays on Time

Managers who write business proposals and other business-related documents and emails can make a ton of mistakes, including spelling, punctuation, word choice, clarity of writing, purpose of writing, and many others. Essays on Time specializes in both writing and proofreading, so you can use it to check whether your texts are quality.

7 –

The last tool on our list employs expert business writers ready to assist you with an urgent business proposal, business plan, report, or other complex writing projects. According to Aaron Curry, an advisor from Bestessaytips, one of the most frequent mistakes made by project managers they work with is a lack of audience consideration. “Always think about who will read your texts and tailor it accordingly,” Curry says.



One sure-fire way to boost your project management success is to improve your written communication. Business writing will not die, but rather develop into a new form, because there’ll always be a need for reports, business plans, business proposals, performance evaluations, and strategic plans.

Hopefully the tools described above will be a valuable addition to your toolkit and help you to become a more skilled and competent writer.


Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at A-Writer.  He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+  or  Facebook.

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