archiving, Eylean Board – Archive Your Tasks For More Convenience, Eylean Blog, Eylean BlogKeeping organized is one of the key components to any project. You need to know what is happening at all times and making sure your process is done in a certain way, helps a great deal. But what about your workspace? More precisely the electronic one. Have you ever spent hours looking for something you needed from a couple of weeks ago? Well we have.

Up until now, all the finished tasks in Eylean were stored on the board and while it gave you access to the information, searching for it may have been complicated at times. Especially if you have multiple teams and large number of tasks being finished every day, your task board would fill up rather quickly. No need to worry though, as this new feature is created just for that.

Cleaning up

From now on, you can choose when to archive certain tasks on the board. This way cleaning it up and only seeing those tasks that the team is currently working on. You can choose to archive a specific task by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘Archive’. Or, if you need to archive a whole row, open the right-click context menu and select ‘Archive row tasks’.

Either way, the tasks will be archived without any additional confirmation, but if you have made a mistake, it can be easily undone by using the ‘Undo’. So do not worry about doing any permanent changes.

archiving, Eylean Board – Archive Your Tasks For More Convenience, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Looking up information

Once a task is archived, it does not mean it is lost. It is simply moved out of the way for your team to enjoy an more organized task board. If you ever need to look up, the information on an archived task, it is still all there. You will find the description, assignee, tracked time, start and end dates, attachments and all the other details. Each archived task is opened by simply clicking its ID, allowing you to quickly access every piece of information it stores.

You may wonder, but how do i find the necessary task among all the ones i have already archived? Well you can search the archive by several criteria – title, description, date, assigned user and/or category. So as long as you remember at least on of these details, you will now need to sift through sand. The important thing to note – tasks are archived by workspace, so make sure you are looking in the right place.

archiving, Eylean Board – Archive Your Tasks For More Convenience, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog


Lastly, a few things to note, before you go ahead and try out this feature for yourself.

  • Archived tasks cannot be transferred back to the task board
  • It is not possible to use the archive feature with TFS integration
  • Once the task is archived, any changes to category or user name will not be reflected in the archive


Curious to see how it looks in real life? Go ahead and try it by downloading the latest Eylean Board version!