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Big complex projects are exactly that, big in scale with a lot of details, uncertainties, activities and many difficulties that might come. The bigger and more complex the project, the larger the challenges and stress levels. Because of that, it is a good idea to follow certain guidelines and put the problems to a minimum.

The Big Picture

This is an everyday rule that is usable both in your private life and business. Think through, imagine, analyze, get the big picture. Don’t just go straight to the job! Ask yourself what you want to achieve with this project, what its goal is. What kind of results can this project bring? Which difficulties and opportunities can you expect? How are you going to measure its success?

Team Roles

In order for you to make a successful project team, you need a group of individuals that can carry that large burden on their back.

You need to select the people according to their skills, abilities and their experience in similar projects. The selected members should have a different set of qualifications, so they can complement each other. You don’t want to end up with a dozen of lookalikes – with them, your capabilities are more than limited.

Make sure that the chosen members have the right set of skills for the particular project, and that they can communicate with each other. Many people may overlook it, but without it, everything else will fail. Skills and experience are great, but if all of them can’t work in a team as a whole, that team and their project with them are doomed.

project management tips, Project Management Tips for Big Complex Projects, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Rules and Responsibilities

Rules are the cornerstones of success. If there aren’t any, there is chaos, and in the case of project completion, ultimate fiasco. That is why it is important that people know their duties and obligations. Each person should know what they are in charge of. When team members are aware of their roles, they give their best results and can help each other be at their best. Everyone that is involved in the project needs to know their role, including the stakeholders. Clearly state what each person’s roles and responsibilities are.

It is always a good idea to put that all on paper and articulate the set of rules and guidelines in a proper way, that will be easy to understand for everyone. If that is not something that your timeline allows, feel free to contact a paper writing service and they will do it for you in no time.

Setting the Goals

Make sure to set the goals for the entire team and for each member separately. The best strategy is to separate the main goal into many smaller ones and determine who is responsible for what. Goals shouldn’t be in conflict with each other and all of them should be achievable. Listen to what your team members have to say and try to make goals that will be beneficial to everyone. That way, all the members can celebrate each other’s success and build a great team spirit.

With the separation of the main plan, you are gaining more control over the whole project, and team members will be less stressed because they will focus on smaller tasks and won’t feel that of a burden on their back.

Also, for the sake of that same team building and the positive atmosphere in general, create early goals that will be easy to achieve. That will help people bond and make a good foundation for future work.

Project Management Training

Improvement is always good, especially if you lack some of the skills needed or don’t feel confident enough. There are many educational programs that can help you gain the tools and techniques needed to handle challenges that stand in front of you and your team. It is better to be prepared than sorry. Besides, additional training shows that you are working on your self-improvement and that always looks good in your bio.

project management tips, Project Management Tips for Big Complex Projects, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Collaboration Tools

It is hard to stay organized when you have to work with many people at once, and it is very easy to lose the strains and the control over the project. That is why you should use external help, such as project management software. These programs allow you and your team members to access your project and make the necessary changes and improvements, no matter where you are. That way, everything will be transparent and visible to anyone and be up to date at every moment. You will save your team members’ time and make the process of collaboration much easier to everyone, which can prove to be vital in the realization of big and complex projects.

Team Spirit

Project management is a team “sport”. You might have great individuals, but if they lack cooperation and everyone is pulling to their own side, you will have major trouble in your hands. When people work in a trustworthy environment, help and support each other, and cover for each other’s mistakes, they will feel more relieved and will have a chance to shine and perform at their best. The positive atmosphere has a great psychological effect on every individual. Also, when people know that others respect them and that they are part of the collective, they produce excellent results. Do whatever is in your power to create such a sanctuary for your team, the reward will be immeasurable.


Adapt, and then adapt even more. Reward people’s motivation and progress – people like recognition. After all, you like it too. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, complex projects are hard to finish. Do one thing at the time and stick to the plan. Try to follow our tips and don’t forget that the most valuable things in life are hard to reach.

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