Applying any new tool into your work processes is not an easy task. Especially when that tool is created for changing and improving those same processes. Despite that, many teams attempt and successfully do it and I want to make sure you do too. 

Since there is no better way to do this than sharing experiences of others, today I am sharing one from Manuel Hübner, Team leader of the German Engineering Team of ITW Global Fasteners. Read on to find out how they manage the processes and apply Eylean Board to make the day to day easier.



I’m Manuel Hübner, Team leader of the German Engineering Team of ITW Global Fasteners. We specialize in manufacturing plastic and metal fastener components for the automotive industry. Produced using injection molding and press-bending technology and assembled in a 2-component process. Bundled around this core expertise is a whole host of services to achieve a comprehensive and holistic package encompassing each and every phase from development to integrated assembly.

In 2015 we were searching for a software that is able to visualize Engineering tasks. In a meeting at the end of 2015 the decision was made in favor of Eylean due the following reasons:

  • Good pricing
  • Really good visualization
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to modify for specific needs
  • Global and independent

We implemented and tested the software during 2016. With every problem we had we got a great support by Prewise. Mostly within one day our problems were solved.

We were able to send “Weekly Engineering Reports” to our organization based on the information every single person entered into Eylean. We also got a perfect overview of running jobs, job status, responsibilities, actions, alerts, timings, etc.

Since Eylean was working great for engineering we started the discussion about testing it in “project-management”. By the start of 2017 we ran a test phase and included a link between Sales & Engineering. We ware able to use Eylean as “Engineering Task Software” and “Project Management Software” at the same time and with linked jobs.

In middle of 2017 we presented our new kind of “software based teamwork strategy” and got positive feedback from the upper management. It was decided to define the rules and implement it in Sales&Engineering departments globally by 2018.

Eylean started at our company as a “simple” tool to organize Engineering tasks and has since grown into a “Sales&Engineering teamwork tool” that coordinates Projects and Jobs. Eylean is not an over-pushed big software with a lot of extraordinary functions. It’s kept simple and effective. The user has the choice to decide how to work with it and is free in the way of visualization and structure.

You can decide how deep or effectively Eylean is used. We know we don’t use all functions of the software at the moment and there are more opportunities available, but there is no need for them at our actual business.

Try it, test it, implement it – you’ll survive.

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