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Everyone knows there is no project without a team. A group of individuals that help each other and all work together to achieve the end goal that need just as much attention as every other part of the project. This is why in designing Eylean we made sure team management is done right.

With every project there are two distinct sides crucial for success – the project manager and the the team. The manager needs to be able to control the team and monitor their progress, while the team needs to easily share information and communicate with one another. Forgetting one or the other is really not an option when we talk about a complete project management solution.


So, first things first, once a project starts you need a good system in place to manage the people that work for you. Eylean has got you covered by making sure this is as easy as possible.

Managing teams

We made sure that team management with Eylean is simple. Once you start a new project, choose your team members from the list of company employees and you will immediately see your newly formed team on the right side of the screen. You can modify whether they are visible to other team members and what e-mail notifications each team member gets. So there are custom settings for both – those that like getting notified and those who rather check the task board. Lastly, you can set different permissions of modifying, adding and deleting tasks to make sure no tasks or information go missing by accident.

team management, Eylean Board – Effective Team Management, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Assigning tasks

Once your team is sorted, you can come back to the task board. You will always be able to see who is working on the project by clicking on the team tab in the upper right corner and can assign or reassign tasks to team members by dragging them onto their name. Making it much easier and faster than going through the task details.

Reviewing completed tasks and tracked time

Lastly, team management allows you to quickly review each team’s load, completed tasks and tracked time. You can see how each team performs as well as analyze each team member individually. Giving you an opportunity to explore the team members feel in different setups and does their performance change.


Having control of your team, however, is only one side of the story. Making sure the team feels the tool is convenient and easy to use is just as important. The following features are designed just for that.

Reviewing your tasks and team members

Remember being able to see your whole team on the board? Besides being great for managers, it gives additional comfort for those that work in several different teams or are moved around constantly by being able to quickly check who is working with you. You can also filter tasks by using this tab. Click on yourself or any other team member to only see the specific team member’s tasks on the board. You can select one or several people, giving you an opportunity to zone in on the important information on the large projects.

team management, Eylean Board – Effective Team Management, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Sharing information with the team

Having a specific team on each project, also comes in with easier information sharing. Besides being able to see all the specific task details, you can also use the task comment section to ask questions, share ideas or get advice. This way your discussions will always stay within the software and you will be able to retrieve the information why you made one decision over another one at any time.

Staying on top of the next thing

Having a team and a clear management system means you will never have to worry about what is coming next. At any time you will be able to check who you are working with, what tasks are being completed and what you should do next. So forget the worrying and start enjoying the process with Eylean Board.