Agile Starter Pack

Agile implementation never happens instantly. There are various steps to take and hurdles to defeat before your team gets to the end and starts enjoying the benefits. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to struggle. And we at Eylean want to aid your efforts with this starter pack.

This blog is full of various tips, tricks, application examples and other helpful stuff. But you are probably too busy running your teams and businesses to go looking. That’s why instead we prepared one stop helpful resources for you and your team.


The Agile Guide

The Ultimate Agile Guide






When starting out, you will need to know more about Agile and how it is practiced. For that check out our ultimate Agile guide. You will find methodology comparisons, tips and even step by step explanations on how to start implementing various methods. This will bring in more clarity on various Agile practices and set you on the right path to success.


The User Cheat Sheets

Scrum Cheat SheetKanban Cheat SheetScrumban Cheat Sheet






Once you have chosen the most fitting method and started your first iteration, familiarize yourself and your team with our cheat sheets. Choose from Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban cheat sheets to quickly check up on the terms, meanings and actions to make sure everything is running just as it should be. You won’t need to look up the information on the web or  search through your learning materials, all the key things are concentrated here in one sheet.


Enjoying these resources? Let us know what other guides would you like to see in the future! 


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