Eylean Project Is Now Live


We are happy to announce, that Eylean Project is now finished and ready for you! 


We at Eylean always felt that project management tools are lacking in only focusing on the current scope. While in reality there is a great need to monitor not only the present but the whole duration of the project. That is why we set out to create and now present Eylean Project.

Eylean Project is a completely separate tool from Eylean Board and focuses on 4 key aspects.

1. Project task management

This tool brings you the easy task management approach. Extended details, assignments, comments and more at your service.

2. Project scope management

Managing the project scope is important for many reasons. Now you will have more control and say in what actually gets to happen.

3. Task due date management

Just like scope, task due dates have to not only be set, but also monitored and accounted for. With Project that is all accessible from one place – the dashboard.

4. Processes configuration according to project changes

Lastly, almost no projects run as planned from start to finish. Now your project board won’t have to either – adapt it to the changes and enjoy the results.


Want to try it? Go ahead and download straight from here!


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