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There are certain questions about project management that we seem to hear time and time again. Whether its new users or experienced ones there are just some things that always seem to come up. So instead of having you search for the truth all over the internet, here are the most common questions about project management and their answers!

What is Project Management?

Project Management is a term used to describe activities aimed at controlling and guiding the project from the initial phases to the finish line. It includes all actions of planning, organizing and delivering the result to the client and is usually performed by one or a couple people on the team that are solely responsible for managing the project and are not part of the actual product creation.

Why should We use Project Management?

Project management is usually necessary to control all of the moving parts in the project. The project manager helps coordinate the various teams to make sure everyone stays on path, communicates with the clients to get their requirements and make sure the result fits their vision and informs stakeholders of the project progress and value. So it is a great way to make sure you deliver the project the right way and on time.

What is the best Project Management Method?

Unfortunately there really is no such thing as the best project management method. As most of the project are different the one size fits all scenario is not applicable here at all.  And in order to find the best PM method for your case, you will need to analyze the way your processes work and choose a method that fits.

To not leave you hanging, here is a head start for one of the most common dilemmas – Waterfall vs. Agile. For projects that are planned ahead and rarely change requirements Waterfall can be a great fit, while for ones that have multiple changes during the project course, Agile might be better.

How do I become a Project Manager?

While some may think getting a certification is enough to become a project manager, the role entails much more than that. You need to have good understanding of the field the project is running in, be able to manage, motivate and lead your team and have good organizational skills overall. So to become a project manager, you need to acquire both, the knowledge in terms of certifications or degrees and the experience gained through actual practice and working in the field.

Do I need a Project Management Tool?

Most of the projects nowadays are run with the help of some sort of a tool or two. However, this does not mean you have to have a project management tool to be successful. Start with a simple solution like a task board with sticky notes or a spreadsheet and once you’ve got your rhythm down, clarify your needs and decide if and which project management solution is right for you.

What is the Best Project Management tool?

While I would love to say that Eylean Board is your best option, the truth is there is no such thing as an overall best project management tool. And while some top 10 list may yield positive results, you are much better off clarifying your needs and looking for a tool that fits them than asking for recommendations.

What are the most common causes of project management failure?

While on the surface, most people tend to blame lack of time or money for any project failures, the truth is most of it comes down to poor communication. Projects usually suffer due to poor leadership, unclear requirements, inappropriate progress tracking and wrong estimations all of which come down to lack of communication between various parties. So make sure to invest some time into talking to each other and keep your projects running smooth.