Agile process

This week I continue with our article roundup – an effort to provide you with all our knowledge in one convenient place. After the two previous posts on project management and agile, I thought it would be time to go a little deeper and this time we are talking about Scrum. Yup, the basics, roles, estimations and anything else you might be looking for, I’ve got it right here.


No Scrum project can be started without knowing what you are doing and while you may have already read all that goes into the practice, actually doing it is different. Check out Getting Started With Scrum Task Board to set up your first board, read Frequent dilemma: what sprint duration is best for your team to figure out what sort of a sprint duration to choose and pick out the scrum cards for you with The 4 Scrum Cards To Consider.

Once you are all set up and the actual work begins, learn how to write your first user stories with the help of Writing Effective User Stories for Scrum and choose the best way to estimate work by Estimating in story points compared to hours.

Scaling Scrum

One of the more popular Scrum trends right now is scaling. And whether you are working for a large corporation or simply need to coordinate a couple of teams, these may be of use:

1. Visual board1

Scrum in Eylean

Want to set up a Scrum board in Eylean? Well that is great news! And while it is really easy to do so with a predesigned template and fully modifiable board, you can do it even faster with these two – Plan your first scrum with Eylean Board and Building Your Next Sprint With Eylean Board.

Thought pieces

Have been using Scrum for a while? Well then you might start to think more outside the box. What it actually takes to run the practice successfully, how should certain roles act and what comes after you’ve mastered Scrum. The following articles deal with just that:


Lastly, after a good days work, you deserve some time to relax, so check out these innovative and fun Scrum and Scrumban boards – Top 5 Most Interesting Scrumban Boards and Top 5 Most Interesting Scrum Boards.


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