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In the spirit of continuing with the article roundup, this week I present to you everything related to Kanban. If you are still wondering how push and pull differs or what does WIP limit stand for, this one is for you. So take a look and dive into the world of self-organization and progress.

The Basics

Just starting with one of the more flexible Agile approaches? No worries we’ve got you covered. Learn the basics with 5 steps to start doing Kanban, configure your work space after reading Setting Up a Kanban Board and start adding work items with the knowledge of 5 Ways to Execute Kanban Task Cards.

Once your process is all set up and running, learn to measure the progress with two most popular Kanban reports:

Innovating Kanban

So you’ve got the things going and are feeling adventurous? I get that, making sure the method fits your needs and not the other way around is great and you should be able to do that. Here are some of the more popular Kanban innovations you might be looking for:

Or maybe, your financial department is still struggling with accepting the practice and seeing its value? Give this a read – Day to day accounting with Kanban.

Break Time

Just like with all the other roundups, I like to leave you with just a little bit of fun. So go ahead and enjoy the Top 5 Most Innovative Kanban Boards!

Happy iterating!