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Over the years we at Eylean have written a substantial amount of articles about project management, teams and tasks, time tracking and various other topics. However, you might have just joined us recently and instead of scrolling through should be able to find everything in one place. This is exactly what that is – your Eylean guide into the world of project management.


First things first – no project could go ahead without a great leader. But what does it actually mean? Should you be strict or lenient, control the team in every step or let it find its own way? We get deeper into these topics with – The Many Hats of a Project Manager: Daily Struggles and Solutions and Becoming A True Agile Leader.


Sorting out your team is often the next tough job you have to face a PM. So check out 5 Ways Of Getting There With Your Team to see how to motivate your employees and get them on the same page towards the goal. If you have started employing a younger generation but struggle to understand their ways Millennials In Your Team will be worth a while. Lastly the cautionary tale Amazon: The Story Of Productivity Taken Too Far should help you draw a nice line between team motivation and overworking them.

, All You Need To Know About: Project Management, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Time tracking

One of the most controversial PM topics is still time tracking. Some say it is imperative in order to monitor and project, others see it as invasive and as putting unnecessary pressure on the team. Find out Why do most time tracking attempts fail within the first few months? and Learn efficient time tracking in 1 day to approach the practice in the right way if you decide to move forward.



While it is plain simple, that customers are the key to any business, sometimes it is easy to forget or overlook their wishes in the midst of a busy project. This thought piece should help you remember to Keep Your Customers Close.


No matter which industry you’re in, having the right tools can have a dramatic effect not only on your effectivity, but also on the work environment. So if you are in the market for one, check out Finding The Best Project Management Tool and 5 Tools to Head Start Your Project. For those already using Team Foundation Server, Top 5 TFS Plugins: Project Management will be a great asset.

, All You Need To Know About: Project Management, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog


No project management article would be done without some numbers, so here are some of ours for your keen eyes.


Thought we would end with numbers? No, we at Eylean always try to end with some fun, so here are 5 lessons kids will teach you about project management.