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This week I am bringing you another comparison of Eylean Board versus an industry leader. While most would be apprehensive about choosing a smaller tool instead of an all incorporated solution like Jira, there are definitely benefits in doing so. The pricing being just a small part of that.


When talking about project management tools the key is always simplicity and usability. How quickly and easily can you track, monitor and control projects without being completely overwhelmed by the process. Therefore choosing your project tool should not be focused on popularity or the number of features it has, but instead on how many of those features are you planning to actually use.

In this sense, more is not necessarily better and a smaller tool can be a better fit for your team.

Jira is a full on corporate solution aimed to integrate various departments, functions and have the whole system in one place. So it is great for large corporations in need of having a single tool for the whole company. However, if you are only using it to manage a few projects, the user experience might be quite different with unnecessary functions, lags and a complicated process to do simple daily tasks.

Eylean Board on the other hand is a more particular solution created especially for project management purposes. It ensures you can perform tasks and oversee the process quickly and analyze any task or process in detail when there is a need to. Therefore for teams that just need to manage their projects it becomes a more attractive and a better option.

Before choosing any tool you should take time to understand the expectations you have. In many cases you will understand it is not about the size or the array of features, but about the actual fit.

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, Eylean vs. Jira – When Less Is More, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog