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No matter if you have just started using Eylean Board or have been doing it for a while, it is always a good time to refresh the memory and improve the processes. That’s why this week I came up with a list of the 5 Eylean Board features that you may have forgotten or discarded, but may actually be able to benefit greatly from. So without any further ado lets dive in.

Custom Task Boards

Now, I am sure you are well aware of the possibility to create custom task boards within Eylean Board. However, did you know that you can modify the predesigned and the ones you are currently using as well? Simply hit ‘Configure’ at the top of the screen and add, delete and rearrange any columns or rows you wish. Just make sure that you remove all tasks from the column or row you wish to delete before and go ahead.

So if your process suddenly changes or the board structure does not satisfy you anymore, change it and keep on enjoying the best setup for your team!

, 5 Eylean Board Features To Make Project Management Easy, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

Visualizing Task Schedule

You are probably already using the task details quite a lot – the descriptions, assignments, due dates, attachments, etc. But did you know that by adding ‘Start date’ and ‘End date’ will visualize the specific task duration in the schedule? This way allowing you to better understand the duration of each process and to plan better.

E-mailing task information

Ever feel the need to share specific task information and documents with a colleague, client or a third party? We got you covered – open the task details and hit ‘Send as email’. All of the task information as well as its attachments will be composed into an e-mail automatically and all you will have to do is enter the recipients address.

, 5 Eylean Board Features To Make Project Management Easy, Eylean Blog, Eylean BlogDrag & drop time tracking

It is no secret that you can track time spent on tasks, projects or by specific team members with Eylean Board. However, some tend to forget just how easy it actually is. Before starting to work on a task, all you have to do is drag & drop it on the clock at the top right of the screen. The tracking will start immediately and will stop once you drag a different task on the clock or hit a stop button either by the clock or on the task itself.

TFS integration

Last and one of the best features Eylean Board has to offer is the integration with Team Foundation Server. Granted, it may not be for everyone, but if your team or some of your team members use TFS, it is a great one. Why? Because it is a two-way integration. So instead of having two tools and two versions of the information, you have the same information in both places. Therefore not only expanding the TFS capabilities of project management, but also making sure there are no mix-ups and miscommunications between the two tools.

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