5 Agile Innovations To Look Out For

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For teams that have successfully adopted Agile, the next logical question is – what will follow? While in some cases there is no next step and the adopted practice suits perfectly, for others further modification brings in better results and more value. So what should you do if you want to innovate further?

Take a look at these 5 options.

  • Scaled Agile – LeSS

One of the most popular Agile modifications at the moment is scaling up. It is only natural that companies want to extend successful methods from small teams onto the whole organization. However, since the method in itself is built for a small singular team, some adoption and changes are inevitable. For that scaled practices such as DAD, SAFe and LeSS have been developed. So if you want to convince your CEO, see how these approaches can fit your case.


  • Arrow Kanban

For teams practicing Kanban, the process itself is so simple, that usually there is no need of changing it. However, the thing that is often changed within the Kanban teams is the task board. Teams adopt their boards in various ways to bring in more clarity and to represent the process better. One of the more popular ways to innovate your board is adopting the arrow shape approach, changing the way work is prioritized and limited on the board itself.

  • Volcano Kanban

Another way to update the way you use the Kanban board is by turning it into a Volcano. This way of organizing work is especially suited for companies where multiple teams are working on multiple projects and need to correlate and monitor the progress on one board. Contrary to the traditional Kanban board, here the teams and products are clearly separated forming a volcano shaped board and allowing to navigate projects easily.


  • Scrumban

For those that have tried Scrum, Kanban or both and still feel that each method is not as strong on its own as they could be together, Scrumban is a great option. Compared to Scrum, it has more flexibility and allows more freedom in the way tasks are planned and executed. While compared to Kanban, Scrumban brings in order and priorities, for projects that require it. This way, your team keeps the best of both world, while getting rid of what has been slowing them down.


  • PRINCE2 Agile

prince2agileLastly, if you are willing to venture out, you can opt out for an unlikely mix of PRINCE2 Agile. While it is usually thought that the two methods are too different to coexist, for those determined enough there is a way to make it work. With this approach Agile practices are applied on the production level, while the management stays within a more traditional PRINCE2 approach. Such a mash up, loosens up the traditional management methods and creates more effective production practices. However, you should be careful, as this is not an easy one and will require skill.


Do you use any of these or other Agile modifications? Share your thoughts!


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