When seeking to get more insight into our customers, we often take a deeper look into how they are using Eylean Board. Some of the most interesting statistics usually come from the TFS users and this time is no exception. Before you are the insights of how our TFS customers are using Eylean, specifically, which templates they are choosing and why. 

To get an overall idea of what is happening with Eylean TFS templates, first we took a look into the overall data of the customers. In the table below, the results reveal that between the templates there is no big standouts – all of them are running in similar numbers. A bit higher overall usage is found in two categories – Scrum and Agile. For Scrum, this complies with the overall trend of Scrum user numbers being higher than the rest of Agile methodologies. While the biggest choice of Agile template stands behind teams that are implementing one or several practices at a time and want an agile template that has the basics, but is not too specific in any methodology.

TFS templates

After getting an overview of the whole situation, next we decided to see whether different versions of TFS had any impact on choosing the Eylean Board template.

With TFS 2010, while the CMMI template numbers stayed more or less the same, the usage of other templates varies quite a bit. By far, the largest user portion here lies in the Agile section, while both Scrum and Kanban are reduced by 10%. It is easy to notice that instead of choosing a specific agile methodology, TFS 2010 users are opting out for the overall Agile solution. This decision might be influenced by lack of Scrum and Kanban boards in TFS 2010, so while the teams still want to practice Agile, they prefer ta common Agile board to a specific methodology solution.

TFS 2010 templates

For the users of TFS 2012 and TFS 2013 the data varies again. These results are more similar to the overall data, with CMMI and Kanban templates gathering around 20%.  However, contrary to the overall data, we see a smaller number of the common Agile template and increasing number of Scrum and Kanban templates compared to the TFS 2010 users. As TFS 2012 and the later versions have more sophisticated Scrum and Kanban boards, it is really not surprising that more users are choosing a specific template to use with their team.

TFS 2012 2013 templates

Keeping with the global trends and the state of Agile survey, the number of Scrum users and therefore the number of Scrum template users should be growing in the future, while the Agile template will be chosen less and less. Kanban, being the less popular methodology, might gain some more users, but will definitely keep the current numbers the same as the CMMI template.

Do you use a TFS template for your team? Share your thoughts!


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