Even though kanban software solutions have been around for quite a while now, and there are plenty of teams that still do not fully understand the benefits of switching from the traditional physical board. Instead of innovating to better their standings, they keep on working in the traditional methods, and while this does not mean the failure by default, it usually does not mean greatness either. Therefore, if you have been using kanban for a while now or if you are starting now, you should consider this:

  • Unlimited board space

Difficulty in fitting all the tasks within the project board sound familiar? When working with a physical board, your space and possibilities are limited. The space you have is all you get, well unless you get a bigger board, bigger wall and probably a bigger office. Because of this, you have to compromise a lot and constantly modify to make sure your board looks good and represents the project visually. With an electronic kanban software solution like Eylean , however you do not have to worry about that at all. Make the board as small or as big as you need to and expand automatically when you add new tasks. No matter how big or how small your board is, you will have all the key information on the task cards and will be able to navigate it quickly.

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  • Detailed task information

Talking about space, another limited one when using a physical board is task cards. Based on the size of the sticky note or task card, the team can fit a certain amount of information on it. However, it’s never all of it. While most task cards hold the name, the person responsible and maybe the due date, all the other details are shared traditionally – through e-mail, chat programs, and other means, which results in scattered and unorganized information. When using kanban software, teams minimize such clutter, by adding all the related information to the task card itself. They can detail it, attach files, comment, and discuss the progress right there, meaning all the information is in one place and accessible at any point.

  • Automatically monitored metrics

For a kanban team to work effectively, specific metrics, such as WIP limits, lead, and cycle time, have to be measured and monitored. While doing it manually is burdensome, the electronic kanban software solutions allow for a more at ease approach. When the WIP limit is reached, the team is notified and prevented from adding any more tasks. At the same time, the lead and cycle time metrics are calculated and automatically updated based on the latest team data. Therefore teams can keep control of their work and at the same time forget their worries.

kanban, 5 Reasons to Switch from Your Kanban Board, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog

  • Unlimited access to the team information

With a traditional kanban board, one has to actively get up and seek out information such as which team members are working on what, what is the status of the tasks, and the overall project. While physical kanban boards hold such information, it is always in only one place and updated just once a day. Kanban software solutions do not only keep each related task information in place, but they also make it more accessible as well. The project board can be seen, and updated form any team member’s computer and the possibility to filter the tasks based on a project, team member, or category ensures that whatever you need to know, you can find in seconds.

  • Easy updating and monitoring

Lastly, one of the biggest problems teams face with kanban is the updating of the information. Team members are often resistant to keep updating the board, as they fail to see the value or develop the habit. While kanban software cannot instill a new practice on the team, it can prompt them to do it more often and provide a clean and easy to use space for that purpose. An electronic kanban board offers a refined view of the teams’ progress and a simple process of updating it, therefore making the team members more likely to use it.