Weapon manufacturers are among the most prominent and most influential companies in the world. However, despite all their accomplishments, they have a couple of weaknesses as well. One which is their data that, if leaked, could cause tremendous trouble for the company and the stakeholders. That is why the security of data is taken very seriously, and that is why some of these companies are turning to the Lithuanian startup Eylean.

manufacturers, Why did US weapon manufacturers choose a startup from Lithuania?, Eylean Blog, Eylean Blog Eylean is a project management software for teams and companies of all sizes. And only three years after starting operations, multinational companies such as L3 Communications, British Petrolium, Tesla Motors, If and others are on the client list. Unlike most of the project management tools Eylean Board is not cloud-based. It offers a great variety of features for project management, however not being in the cloud is the feature that attracts the big companies with the sensitive data most.

Moving to the cloud

The hype of the cloud and the cloud-based software has started a couple of years ago and has been growing ever since. More and more companies are adopting cloud-based technologies in their day-to-day activities, and it seems that cloud-based applications and business tools are the future. However, organizations with sensitive data were not so fast to adopt these tools, and there are a few reasons why.

manufacturers, Why did US weapon manufacturers choose a startup from Lithuania?, Eylean Blog, Eylean BlogFirst and foremost, cloud is still not as safe as your own network is. Transferring data over the external networks is actually quite risky because of how vulnerable they are and there are still numerous reports about leaked information.  For companies operating with extremely sensitive data that is a major drawback.

Another issue some of these companies take with cloud-based software is not knowing where their data is being kept. For a company operating with very sensitive information losing control over the data is often not acceptable.

Lastly, in business, time is money, and what often happens with the cloud-based solutions are the lags. No matter how great the service provider and how good your subscription, it still happens from time to time. And when it does, you may not be able to continue your work, and the whole process may stop.  Therefore when operating in a fast-paced environment, cloud-based solutions are still not the safest choice.

Choosing security 

The fact of the matter is that cloud-based services are not up to the level of traditional software yet. While the cloud is gaining more and more traction each day, the demand for conventional software is still high.  And in this light, despite all the advantages that cloud-based solutions offer, companies like Eylean prove to be a more secure solution.