Webinar: Solving Microsoft project problems

We are glad to present you a brand new series of webinars. During recent updates Eylean launched features related to Microsoft project, so the plan is to talk about those features and how they can help in common problems that arise while using MS Project tool. As always we will provide practical samples and fresh …

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Too many tools required

Project management is a process of organizing resources so that a project meets its goals, time line and budget. It is separate from other business activities and at the same time it incorporates all of them. Project management deals with three main factors: time, cost and performance. These factors also have many different components that …

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How To

How to do Lean projects

Lean is a practice where the main idea is to maximize customer value and minimize waste.  Generally, this means to deliver value for customers with fewer resources. In other words it is a set of management practices based on Toyota Production System. These practices are applied in manufacturing as well as in service industries. Lean …

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