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Cloud is bad?

Trends make people blind – so is the cloud computing hype overwhelming common sense… Nowadays as a professional or a leader you have an opportunity to employ tons of great (or not so great) apps which should make your life easier, yet somehow you end up in need of even more services and something called cloud computing. Get a cloud they said… it will be fun they said… But some of you might already have learned a costly lesson – data in cloud is not so secure and reachable as it could seem at first. So let us talk about common reasons why one should turn away from cloud to “on premises deployment”.

First of all, the biggest issue is security, why top companies in public and government sectors choose on premises servers? Why weapon manufacturers endorse tools that are deployed at their own house?

Because they hate leaks. More and more we hear about leaked information and that can hurt company pretty bad. Especially while transferring data over external networks which tend to be quite vulnerable. Moreover , each of us should be in control of the environment where owned data is located. Every cloud platform brags about their availability and robust servers – it is a lie, we have faced numerous issues within top cloud computing providers (due to ethics will skip their names, sorry). And the lag… if you want to solve it – pay up!  In most cases company owned server with some bullet proof infrastructure can save money compared to cloud even on a short run. Also, bag of time will be saved by removing 3rd party from your services!  The main point is to start thinking if the cloud is the best way to go instead of a blind decision. It has it’s benefits, but in most cases you should flush down the trendy idea and make a calm yet calculated decision.

Next, a good feature is platform availability where every tiny “smart” device has it’s own version of a system or access to it’s API. Think again – instead of having a structured day on your work station you carry on ability to create chaotic job routines. Also, your smartphone can become task blocker, because it will allow you to multitask a lot and if you are all about effectiveness this will  not work. Of course I am not talking about use cases where you can write emails while riding bus or prioritize your schedule whilst on a queue for dinner – those are nice (not the queues), but people with low morale will run themselves in a wall on such fast paced multi-tasked environment.

Domain driven tasks –  there is work domain and there is personal life domain, as there can be more domains but they should be concentrated and as less intersecting as possible. Imagine that you work 2 hours at your office then you rush out to do the dishes and tidy your house just to be back to office after few hours again. This is bad switching between context, the same happens if you switch from tasks a lot. You lose time before you can reach peak effectiveness on a task that was already started at some point of time. Availability is power which comes with its own drawbacks.

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To sum up, the idea is to think twice while preparing your environment for effective work day and what rules you need to follow not to ruin the day and keep up with the deadlines. Cloud is solving big problems for big companies in optimization, cloud is solving problems in scaling but multi-platform cloud based system for task management is like a gun with two barrels facing the opposite directions.


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