So what’s new?

First of all, we are glad to present you features that reached the daylight after numerous requests – tracked time progress bar on tasks according to estimated hours or storypoints and the same in task details. Now each user will be able to see the progress of a task even if it was performed for some time and put back into backlog. Take a sneak peak:

task progresstask details progress





What is more, bunch of annoying stuff is gone… “Remember me” for numerous servers instead of the last one. Drag and drop emails from outlook directly. Finally, there are numerous improvements and new features under reporting section – so go ahead, fetch the update and experience brand new Eylean. Full changelog as follows:

• Features:
o Progress bar for tracked hours on task items with estimation
o Tooltip for total tracked time on tasks with progress bar or estimations
o Drag and drop email from outlook
o Export time sheets to excel
o Multiple remember me support
o Window drag for task details

• Bug fixes:
o Reports filter dates bugged on particular time periods for intersecting weeks
o +1 multi click fix
o Dashboard bigger estimation values not visible in team member summaries
o Add subtasks bug – add new task text not focused
o Scroll bug with big number of boards
o Single row select bug for monthly reports

• Improvements:
o File directory opened after the export to excel
o Hours converter in reporting will not show days anymore only full hour value
o Eylean automatic reconnect on loss of connection

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