Eylean team traveled to Finland and had a great time in one of the biggest startup events in Europe – “Slush“.
Well, to start with… It was cold, but it took only one day to get a warm cozy feeling as you belong there. Huge number of brightly minded people were met and great ideas were seen. The best part is that we were indeed contributing to the startup ecosystem in Finland and abroad as Eylean board offered free licenses for each company participating in the event. Let us all hope that those licenses will be used to build something big and world changing, like cool medical gadgets that can check your vision and predict diseases (our visions were perfect… this means abusive time spent near PC is not so bad at all, yay) or hologram projecting software. Finally, we want to say thanks to all the Slush organizers and participants who made this event a great time and fun, keep up the good work guys and don’t forget to control your project by using scrum or kanban board in Eylean.

P.S. “Pics or it didn’t happen…” Few images just to prove that we were there and even got kidnapped by ninjas!

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