Technical Support Services
UAB Eylean is commited to providing high quality support service. All Eylean board commercial license owners receive updates, technical assistance and consultations related to Eylean board and Eylean server software.

Service Availability
Technical support team is in UTC+02 (EET) timezone and is available from 9:00 AM till 7:00 PM from monday to friday excluding national holidays of Lithuania. For any technical issues and support requests related to Eylean board and Eylean server contact .

Response Times
Our technical staff will evaluate the severity of issue and respond to it by priority. Lower priority means longer response time (max. 3 business days), higher priority - shorter response time (max. 1 business day):
  • Low priority - Enhancements, feature request, general errors, questions/consultations related to softare use.
  • Medium priority - Errors preventing from using feature in Eylean, server related issues, TFS integration related issues.
  • High priority - Critical software crash, data corruption, installation problem.

Eylean board and Eylean server updates are free of charge and apply to both commercial and trial license owners.

UAB Eylean shall have no obligation to provide technical support with respect to the software due to any:
  1. Misuse, or malfunction of hardware or operating system.
  2. Repairs or modifications to the Software made by other than UAB Eylean which have caused damage to the software.
  3. Customer’s connection of a device or a program to the software which makes support impractical or which has caused damage to the software or which is not included.

Head office
Gedimino ave. 50
LT-01110, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone +370 628 35252