Your team is going to love it

  • Team foundation server Integrate and bring your TFS tasks into Eylean to gain rich experience and feature set

  • Scrum and Kanban Pick the one you like or use both at the same time

  • For distributed teams Collaborate in a remote environment

Team foundation server

Integrate to TFS

Integrate any TFS project and keep a live sync through hand crafted interface of Eylean. Add missing functionality and implement any process you need.

Track progress

Project progress

Measure time, review dashboard. Use burndown and cumulative workflow diagrams to understand and predict your project's progress.

Scrum process

Use scrum process

Work in a scrum based environment. Create sprints, define backlog, estimate in hours or storypoints, track burndown and control your team.

Kanban process

Use kanban process

Define kanban board. Enable pull principle, view lead and cycle time. Control the flow with WIP limits. Track cumulative workflow diagram.

Schedule or roadmap view

Schedule and roadmap view

Schedule is similar to Gantt chart, yet it is less complex and can be applied to a variety of cases where start and end dates are used to position items on a timeline

Transform your TFS tasks

Transform TFS tasks

Bring your backlog items into Eylean and elevate the functionality. Skip field filling forms and list based views. Trasnform your scrum project into kaban or a mix of those. Eylean allows to alter TFS predefined states and fields alongside Eylean side based features for agile techniques.

Pick your way

TFS Template

Eylean offers out of the box templates for most common processes and methodologies. They will speed you up and match your existing TFS project process template.

Custom mapping

Custom template

If you have a customized process or you want to make your own map Eylean offers powerful declarations. Map fields, states, item types, hierarchy and many more to achieve brand new level of functionality on your TFS project.

Do scrum with Eylean

Project dashboard

Define sprints and plan your backlog. Do the grooming and start working on your scrum task board. Pull principle, task delegation, team resources. Track time to test your estimates in hours or choose story points approach. Eylean is the easiest way to save time and achieve your goals.

Burndown charts

Burndown chart

Check Burndown chart during daily meetings to see if the team is fulfilling the plan. Burndown chart has three different modes: by estimation, by complexity and by quantity of tasks. See Estimated burndown path, burndown path and Cumulative burndown path where value increase is summed up through the period and the path burns down by using decrease in value.

Time tracker

Time tracking

Track time on tasks you work. If you forget to turn it off when leaving office, Eylean will notice the inactivity so you will keep your data accurate.

Control limits

Production limits

Define column or section limits to control your production line. Factory is as productive as it's slowest part is - discover bottlenecks and queues.

Kanban card

Kanban card

Fill the necessary information into kanban card on Eylean board. On the board view only the most essential information will be visible, access comments, file attachments and history logs by double clicking the card.

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative workflow diagram

Cumulative flow diagram helps to monitor the progress of tasks. The chart shows which of the tasks have not been started yet, how many tasks are in progress and which of them have been done.

Lead and Cycle time reports

Lean and cycle time reports

See how long it takes for a task to reach the Output section from the moment it’s created or check how long it takes to complete a task once it’s moved to WIP section. Lead and Cycle time charts show each task on a time line regarding its completion date. Histogram charts for Lead and Cycle time represent task count grouped by the amounts of time (minutes, hours or days) taken for particular step to complete.

Task board for team

Team board

Plan and organize your team. Control resources, assignments and review progress. Get your team involved with Eylean.

Delegate work

Quick assignment

Assign tasks to your team members. Tap members to filter in the board.

Team permissions

Team permissions

Restrict users from editing the board even if they are in a team. Make your clients an invisible observers for their project.