Stop using number of tools, use one for everything instead

  • Maintain structure Bring order into processes, keep data in one place

  • Import tasks Bring data into Eylean from Outlook or Excel

  • Analize efficiency Discover bottlenecks and performance through reports

Slice your data

Slice sales and marketing data

Maintain order and slice your tasks into different aspects. By category/company, by type, by state and by resource assigned. Eylean offers numerous axis to map your sales and marketing data.

Import tasks

Import tasks

Import data from office tools like Outlook or Excel. Access vital data from one tool. Keep everything in one place.


Progress reports and metrics

Analyze your metrics and evaluate your team. Discover bottlenecks in the process. Employ continous improvement.

Order by row

Slice data into rows

Put tasks on separate rows and control the scope. Also, rows will allow to identify major differences between work items.


Define priorities

Drag and drop tasks to prioritize and change order. Save time instead of giving names "Important", "More important", "Most important", "Most most important"

Assign to categories

Assign to categories

Assign categories to tasks. This will enable filtering in board and reports. You will be able to view only selected catagories, thus keeping board simple.

Use states

Pull through states

Push or pull items through states to define progress and provide feedback to your team mates. Choose predefined template or create your own board and states.

Import from Outlook

Import from outlook

Bring your e-mails to Eylean. Import them from your Outlook through Eylean outlook explorer or simply drag and drop them straight to the board.

Import from Excel

Import from Excel

Have something defined in Excel, want them to be included as tasks? Import and export your data to .csv format. It can also server as an integration point to many of tools.

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative workflow diagram

Evaluate your stream. Discover what is your output through timeline. Make changes according to diagram.

Lean and cycle time

Lean and cycle time reports

Find out how much time you need to close the deal from idea to money received. Also, check how long it takes to develop agreement and sign it.

Team dashboard

Manager dashboard

As a manager evaluate your team's performance. Identify workload and be aware of progress by particular team members. Eylean dashboard gives quick insights on the things that matter the most.