Bring project management to next level

  • Tools integration Import tasks from Microsoft Project, Outlook or Excel

  • Project dashboard Track daily progress and changes

  • Time tracking Observe time spent on project tasks


Integrate microsoft project

Import tasks from your favorite Office tools like Project, Outlook or Excel. Keep everything in one place and elevate existing tools functionality.

Measure progress

Observe project progress

Track progress in dashboard an review daily performance metrics with numerous reports based on Agile and Lean.

Schedule or roadmap view

Schedule and roadmap view

Schedule is similar to Gantt chart, yet it is less complex and can be applied to a variety of cases where start and end dates are used to position items on a timeline

Time tracking

Project time tracking

Track time you and your team spend on project tasks. Use them to evaluate performance, discover waste or even bill your customers. Tracker integrates to your computer so you will not need to worry about away and idle time.


Team task management

Share tasks with your team. Delegate, observe and measure performance. By using Eylean you will be able to store all the necessary information in one place – attach files, fill in rich text description, put estimates, post alerts and chat with colleagues.

From Microsoft Project

Import Microsoft project

Make your plans in Microsoft Project and bring them to Eylean. Eylean provides day to day experience for organizational purposes that are missing in project.

From Microsoft Outlook

Import emails from outlook

Import emails from your mail client. Easy access for your outlook folders or simply drag and drop them in Eylean. Save your time and keep everything in one place.

One place for everything

One task board for project management

What you need is a single tool to handle most of the stuff instead of 5 different ones. Eylean board allows to keep all the necesary data in one place. Emails, Files, Tasks, Comments, Team, Reports. Save money and time, stop endless battle with tools - work with Eylean.

Project dashboard

Project dashboard

Convenient dashboard helps to see the big picture of the project. Easily understand the performance of each team member, completed tasks and the overall progress of the project.

Burndown charts

Burndown chart

Check Burndown chart during daily meetings to see if the team is fulfilling the plan. Burndown chart has three different modes: by estimation, by complexity and by quantity of tasks. See Estimated burndown path, burndown path and Cumulative burndown path where value increase is summed up through the period and the path burns down by using decrease in value.

Cumulative workflow diagram

Cumulative workflow diagram

Cumulative flow diagram helps to monitor the progress of tasks. The chart shows which of the tasks have not been started yet, how many tasks are in progress and which of them have been done.

Time tracker

Time tracking

Track time on tasks you work. If you forget to turn it off when leaving office, Eylean will notice the inactivity so you will keep your data accurate.

Time reports

Time sheets

Compare tasks and evaluate estimations by looking at Eylean's time sheets. DIfferent slices by month, week, user or task will provide focused information. Use time sheets to bill your customers and provide a transparent report.

Tracking history

Tracking history

Discover changes and resource consumption on particular tasks. Log time manually if you forgot to track it.

Personal log

Personal time management

Working on hourly basis? Track the time you spend and know when to stop. Personalized tracking log provides quick access to your dayly report.

Task board for team

Team board

Plan and organize your team. Control resources, assignments and review progress. Get your team involved with Eylean.

Delegate work

Quick assignment

Assign tasks to your team members. Tap members to filter in the board.

Team permissions

Team permissions

Restrict users from editing the board even if they are in a team. Make your clients an invisible observers for their project.