Manage production with Eylean board

  • Speed up Discover bottlenecks and eliminate waste

  • Measure output Receive metrics and insights on your process

  • Transparent cycle Collaborate and provide transparency to your company

Produce more

Production line overview

Degine states and put wip limits, control production speed and discover bottlenecks. Observe queues and delegate resources

Insightful metrics


Eylean board provides metrics for manufacturing and efficiency. Lead and cycle time charts. Cumulative worflow diagram. Burndown path. Time sheets and histograms.

Customizable process

Lean and agile process

Define any process you like and mix different methodologies into one to achieve focused yet easy to use routine.

Schedule or roadmap view

Schedule and roadmap view

Schedule is similar to Gantt chart, yet it is less complex and can be applied to a variety of cases where start and end dates are used to position items on a timeline

Control limits

Production limits

Define column or section limits to control your production line. Factory is as productive as it's slowest part is - discover bottlenecks and queues.


Define priorities

Drag and drop tasks to prioritize and change order. Save time instead of giving names "Important", "More important", "Most important", "Most most important"

One tool for everything

one tool for everything

Attach files, define specifications. Write comments, get notifications. Eylean removes the need of many tools - saves money and time.

Use states

Pull through states

Push or pull items through states to define progress and provide feedback to your team mates. Choose predefined template or create your own board and states.

Cumulative flow diagram

Cumulative workflow diagram

Measure production rate, act on fluctuations. Focus on rapid delivery and shorten lead time. Eylean will provide charts and diagrams to better undestand quality of the process.

Lean and cycle time

Lean and cycle time reports

Find out how much time it costs you to produce and to deliver item from idea till the end customer. Explore the extraordinary cases and adjust to reach better results.

Team dashboard

Manager dashboard

Have a quick overview of the most important things at a single glance. Resource workload and current progress.

Custom process

Customize board

Define process that suits your production line. Observer metrics and continously improve it. Use a tool which offers future perspective when you need to change and include new methods. Eylean offers variate of methodologies and their feature sets. Pick ones you need at the moment.