Efficient visual task management

ITW Global fasteners
visual task management

Integrated Project Environment

  • Multi-board workspaces
  • Powerful and fully customizable board structure
  • Integrated to Outlook, MS Project, Excel, TFS
  • Enterprise ready permissions and authentication
  • Agile, Kaban, Scrum, Scrumban templates

Scheduling and roadmap

  • Schedule view
  • Start, end and due dates
  • Excel import and export
  • Hierarchical categorization
  • Work item relations
scheduling roadmap gantt
eylean reports

Agile metrics and reports

  • Project dashboard for management
  • Time tracking reports
  • Burndown and CFD
  • Lead time, Cycle time reports
  • Workflow analytics


Eylean began at our company as a simple tool to organize engineering tasks and quickly grown into a commerce and engineering collaboration engine that coordinates projects and workflow. Eylean is intuitive and beneficial software with a bunch of amazing functions. Now we have a choice to determine how to work with it in visualization and structure orders.

ITW Global Fasteners

Eylean is intuitive and incredibly flexible. Eylean assists in managing tasks and monitoring team progress. Besides, we are thrilled with the fast and friendly customer support. All our teams are recommending Eylean to their colleagues and friends.


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