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Solving The Recruitment Process With Project Management


Recruitment is a responsible and intense process that requires not only good understanding of human nature, but also great data management skills. Getting to that new hire usually takes several weeks and keeping in mind that you are most likely looking to fill a few positions at a time, managing the process and all the associated documents becomes a challenge.

To deal with this issue recruiters choose various methods — some rely on their organizational skills, while others start looking for specialized tools however this time I will discuss neither. Instead I want to talk about how the recruitment process could be managed with a project management tool, something that you most likely already have in your office. I have used our project management solution Eylean Board for the example.

Recruitment process is no different with clear, mostly predefined steps.

Like many other project management tools out there Eylean is based on the Agile principles, which say that the whole project should be performed in steps from beginning to end. Recruitment process is no different with clear, mostly predefined steps. Candidate search, selection process, first interview, second interview, job offer or rejection all can be easily separated and defined on the project board.

Recruitment processes vary according to the field and the position, thus the board columns can be modified, added or deleted any time to reflect and visualize the exact steps recruiters take. To mark the available positions, I use the board rows. Where the row name can represent the position title, company, the duration of the search and other important information.

But what about the candidates, right?

This way the project management environment can be used to quickly visualize the recruitment process and mark the available positions. But what about the candidates, right? Well, I have not forgotten them and in fact made them the most important part of the board — the task cards.

Each of the task/candidate cards represent a separate candidate and hold all of the information related to them. The task can be named after the candidate, documents, such as resume, cover letter and completed tasks attached, the important information noted in the detail section and the next steps, like calling for a follow up, written down. This way the recruiters have all of the important data in one place with no confusion and can access it any time.

Once the selection process starts it is easy to move the selected candidates through the process steps and quickly note the important next steps in each selection. Also, by having all of the information in one board you can not only manage, but also share the information with the whole team. Which allows for better understanding of the selection process, help between team members and even the possibility to overtake the process if the need arises.

Even though it might seem project management software like Eylean Board is not fit to use in the recruitment process, it can actually be a great choice. Visual process presentation, candidate information management and the reminder system guarantees that the recruitment process will not only be managed, but also plain, effective and clear for the whole team, not to mention, you probably already have a similar tool at hand.


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12 Project Management Tips To Keep In Mind


Good project manager is all about experience and commitment to the team, however there are always things we forget or assign less value to than necessary. That’s why Ieva from the Eylean team has come up with 12 main tips for any (experienced or not yet) project manager to remember. 

Some may seem less Agile than others, but when you think about it, they are all important when trying to keep your project going, your team on track and your customers happy.

Go on, check them out!


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Most common project management myths

PM MYTHS_originalas_taisytas-1

“Project management” is a well known concept that defines planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project. Simply put, project management is the job of overseeing a project to ensure it meets its goals, time line and budget. However, despite it’s wide use and knowledge, there are some myths about the practice that just don’t go away. One of the most popular ones is that best project managers are certified, however, even when an individual has a project management professional certification, there’s no guarantee a project will succeed.

Below is our take on the 6 biggest myths about project management.

PM MYTHS_originalas_taisytas-1p

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Project Management FAQ


There are certain questions about project management that we seem to hear time and time again. Whether its new users or experienced ones there are just some things that always seem to come up. So instead of having you search for the truth all over the internet, here are the most common questions about project management and their answers!

What is Project Management?

Project Management is a term used to describe activities aimed at controlling and guiding the project from the initial phases to the finish line. It includes all actions of planning, organizing and delivering the result to the client and is usually performed by one or a couple people on the team that are solely responsible for managing the project and are not part of the actual product creation.

Why should We use Project Management?

Project management is usually necessary to control all of the moving parts in the project. The project manager helps coordinate the various teams to make sure everyone stays on path, communicates with the clients to get their requirements and make sure the result fits their vision and informs stakeholders of the project progress and value. So it is a great way to make sure you deliver the project the right way and on time.

What is the best Project Management Method?

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All You Need To Know About: Project Management


Over the years we at Eylean have written a substantial amount of articles about project management, teams and tasks, time tracking and various other topics. However, you might have just joined us recently and instead of scrolling through should be able to find everything in one place. This is exactly what that is – your Eylean guide into the world of project management.


First things first – no project could go ahead without a great leader. But what does it actually mean? Should you be strict or lenient, control the team in every step or let it find its own way? We get deeper into these topics with – The Many Hats of a Project Manager: Daily Struggles and Solutions and Becoming A True Agile Leader.


Sorting out your team is often the next tough job you have to face a PM. So check out 5 Ways Of Getting There With Your Team to see how to motivate your employees and get them on the same page towards the goal. If you have started employing a younger generation but struggle to understand their ways Millennials In Your Team will be worth a while. Lastly the cautionary tale Amazon: The Story Of Productivity Taken Too Far should help you draw a nice line between team motivation and overworking them.

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WaterScrumFall – What Lies Beneath A Complicated Name

waterThere is no question that Agile is one of the top project management approaches these days and even littler question of it going away anytime soon. However, as more and more people start adopting the iterative practices, more innovations and modifications of them start to appear. Agile methods are being mixed together, redefined, scaled and in this particular case joined together with a completely different school of thought.

WaterScrumFall aims to breach the gap between two worlds, but does it succeed?

To put it simply, the hybrid approach joins together the linear Waterfall and the circular Agile methods to find a happy medium and the best of both approaches called the WaterScrumFall. The name looks a little heavy at the first glance, but it absolutely makes sense with the way the method is set up. Waterfall approach is used at the beginning and ending stages of the project, while the Agile (usually Scrum) approach is sprang into action right in the middle. Therefore we have it Water – Scrum – Fall, depicting the way hybrid projects are run.

The division

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Eylean vs. Jira – When Less Is More


This week I am bringing you another comparison of Eylean Board versus an industry leader. While most would be apprehensive about choosing a smaller tool instead of an all incorporated solution like Jira, there are definitely benefits in doing so. The pricing being just a small part of that.


When talking about project management tools the key is always simplicity and usability. How quickly and easily can you track, monitor and control projects without being completely overwhelmed by the process. Therefore choosing your project tool should not be focused on popularity or the number of features it has, but instead on how many of those features are you planning to actually use.

In this sense, more is not necessarily better and a smaller tool can be a better fit for your team.

Jira is a full on corporate solution aimed to integrate various departments, functions and have the whole system in one place. So it is great for large corporations in need of having a single tool for the whole company. However, if you are only using it to manage a few projects, the user experience might be quite different with unnecessary functions, lags and a complicated process to do simple daily tasks.

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2016 In Review – Which PM Tools Did You Use

Header-statsWhile 2016 is over and we are well into the 2017 there is still one more thing to do before we completely move on. That is reflection upon how have you used Eylean Board in 2016, what trends did you follow and how will that likely change in the future. So before any further ado, let’s review!

5-marketsCountry Of Origin

2016 has only changed the top 5 of our customer markets a little bit. In the first place we have the United States with 24.70%, followed closely by European markets – Germany at 24.48% and United Kingdom at 24.17%. Since our international client base is increasing, our home court user base is getting relatively smaller with 16.43% and the fourth place, while the fifth place is taken by Denmark with 10.75%. It is clear that there has been some movement in the top 5 markets where Eylean Board is used, the trend of strong western markets remains for now.

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Eylean vs. Trello – 5 Ways The Big Player Looses

eylean-vs-trelloWhen it comes down to choosing a project management tool, we always search for the best, the most suitable for our projects and our working habits. Many of these searches come up with Trello as a possible answer at one point or another and many teams end up choosing the online project management platform as their tool. However, I strongly believe, that this is not the sole solution in all cases and therefore want to discuss five instances where Eylean Board actually comes out on top of the industry giant.

Ready? Let’s go.


The first big difference between Eylean Board and Trello is how they are used. Eylean can only be used on premise, via a local or an Eylean server, while Trello is used online. Right from the get go it is clear that the two quite similar tools cater to two different customers. The ones always on the move and in need of data accessibility anywhere are the Trello customers, while the ones working in one place or concerned about their data security are the Eylean Board customers. So if you are concerned or restricted in the way you handle data, the offline tool might be a more attractive solution. In some cases, however, the customers do not really care about whether the tool is online or offline, so let’s see what other differences the two have.

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5 Eylean Board Features To Make Project Management Easy

1. Visual board1

No matter if you have just started using Eylean Board or have been doing it for a while, it is always a good time to refresh the memory and improve the processes. That’s why this week I came up with a list of the 5 Eylean Board features that you may have forgotten or discarded, but may actually be able to benefit greatly from. So without any further ado lets dive in.

Custom Task Boards

Now, I am sure you are well aware of the possibility to create custom task boards within Eylean Board. However, did you know that you can modify the predesigned and the ones you are currently using as well? Simply hit ‘Configure’ at the top of the screen and add, delete and rearrange any columns or rows you wish. Just make sure that you remove all tasks from the column or row you wish to delete before and go ahead.

So if your process suddenly changes or the board structure does not satisfy you anymore, change it and keep on enjoying the best setup for your team!

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