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Eylean vs. Trello – 5 Ways The Big Player Looses

eylean-vs-trelloWhen it comes down to choosing a project management tool, we always search for the best, the most suitable for our projects and our working habits. Many of these searches come up with Trello as a possible answer at one point or another and many teams end up choosing the online project management platform as their tool. However, I strongly believe, that this is not the sole solution in all cases and therefore want to discuss five instances where Eylean Board actually comes out on top of the industry giant.

Ready? Let’s go.


The first big difference between Eylean Board and Trello is how they are used. Eylean can only be used on premise, via a local or an Eylean server, while Trello is used online. Right from the get go it is clear that the two quite similar tools cater to two different customers. The ones always on the move and in need of data accessibility anywhere are the Trello customers, while the ones working in one place or concerned about their data security are the Eylean Board customers. So if you are concerned or restricted in the way you handle data, the offline tool might be a more attractive solution. In some cases, however, the customers do not really care about whether the tool is online or offline, so let’s see what other differences the two have.



Another big separation between the tools comes out in the board formats. Trello offers standardized boards, with a possibility to have more or less columns. This is good for customers that have simpler processes or are only looking to have a To Do list. Eylean Board on the other hand offers fully customizable boards. The columns can be divided into specific sections with their own sub-columns, allowing to visualize the process with more clarity and to divide large steps into smaller ones. Eylean’s board can also be divided into rows, useful in separating sprints or projects visualized in the same board.



Talking about Agile, Trello is accustomed to fit Kanban users, but other methodologies are a little more challenging or even not possible. Backlog prioritization, WIP limits, Lead & Cycle time diagrams as well as other Agile methods like Scrum and Scrumban can only be found in Eylean Board. Here you can easily define sprints, assign story points, oversee a Burn-Down chart and benefit from other Agile functionalities. Therefore those needing more than a simple Kanban solution, can benefit much more.



Talking about team management, both tools allow working on the projects with several people, assigning tasks to team members, sharing documentation and discussing the progress directly inside the tool. One difference between them is the ability to assign team roles within Eylean Board. With it, the project manager can limit the access certain team members get to information, task management and deletion in order to keep control of the project.



The last big difference is the integrations – the two solutions have entirely different perspectives. Trello offers a developer API, meaning that you can develop an integration you need. We at Eylean have a little different approach with already sorted integrations that our customers can use out of the box. This way you don’t need to be a developer to use the integration and instead can simply enjoy the results. At the moment Eylean Board integrates with MS Project, Outlook, Excel and Team Foundation Server.

Below is the full comparison of the two tools. Enjoy!


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5 Eylean Board Features To Make Project Management Easy

1. Visual board1

No matter if you have just started using Eylean Board or have been doing it for a while, it is always a good time to refresh the memory and improve the processes. That’s why this week I came up with a list of the 5 Eylean Board features that you may have forgotten or discarded, but may actually be able to benefit greatly from. So without any further ado lets dive in.

Custom Task Boards

Now, I am sure you are well aware of the possibility to create custom task boards within Eylean Board. However, did you know that you can modify the predesigned and the ones you are currently using as well? Simply hit ‘Configure’ at the top of the screen and add, delete and rearrange any columns or rows you wish. Just make sure that you remove all tasks from the column or row you wish to delete before and go ahead.

So if your process suddenly changes or the board structure does not satisfy you anymore, change it and keep on enjoying the best setup for your team!

Task details

Visualizing Task Schedule

You are probably already using the task details quite a lot – the descriptions, assignments, due dates, attachments, etc. But did you know that by adding ‘Start date’ and ‘End date’ will visualize the specific task duration in the schedule? This way allowing you to better understand the duration of each process and to plan better.

E-mailing task information

Ever feel the need to share specific task information and documents with a colleague, client or a third party? We got you covered – open the task details and hit ‘Send as email’. All of the task information as well as its attachments will be composed into an e-mail automatically and all you will have to do is enter the recipients address.

time trackDrag & drop time tracking

It is no secret that you can track time spent on tasks, projects or by specific team members with Eylean Board. However, some tend to forget just how easy it actually is. Before starting to work on a task, all you have to do is drag & drop it on the clock at the top right of the screen. The tracking will start immediately and will stop once you drag a different task on the clock or hit a stop button either by the clock or on the task itself.

TFS integration

Last and one of the best features Eylean Board has to offer is the integration with Team Foundation Server. Granted, it may not be for everyone, but if your team or some of your team members use TFS, it is a great one. Why? Because it is a two-way integration. So instead of having two tools and two versions of the information, you have the same information in both places. Therefore not only expanding the TFS capabilities of project management, but also making sure there are no mix-ups and miscommunications between the two tools.

Have you seen something you like? Give us a shout in the comments!


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Maximize TFS Potential With Eylean


Last week we hosted a webinar on integrating and driving value from the merge of Eylean Board and Team Foundation Server. The webinar was focused on integration details, expanding of functionality, advantages of the integrated solution, compatibility, driving value and application possibilities . 


For those of you that have not been able to join us or simply want to remember the details, here is the recording of the webinar. We hope you will find it valuable and we will be waiting for any questions you might have regarding.


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Eyean Board v1.6. is here!

Eylean v1.6.


It has been a long and interesting year here at Eylean and we decided to end it by giving you a present – a brand new version of Eylean Board. We have not only tinkered and improved the existing features, but also added two completely new ones for your convenience. Let us introduce Schedule and Workflow!


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Improve your TFS experience with Eylean

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a tool widely used by companies all over the world. It offers a great variety of features and covers all of the development phases and aspects. However, when covering every aspect of a large process it is hard to be perfect and companies using TFS are still seeking additional features to get the perfect user experience.

Eylean Board aims to do exactly that – enhance TFS project management experience by providing additional features. In order to do that, Eylean works as a two-way integration into TFS. It takes all the information related to work items from TFS and represents it in visual task boards. The information in Eylean is updated regularly and any changes are immediately transferred back to TFS. This ensures that the users always have the most recent information and can use the two tools interchangeably. Let us look into what sought after additions does Eylean bring into the TFS experience.


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Plan your first scrum with Eylean Board

Whether you are planning a project for the first time or you have been doing it for years, getting used to new project management software can take some time. That is why we at Eylean Board decided to provide you with a short guide on scrumming with Eylean.

This guide will discuss the main scrum elements – the board, sprints, epics, user stories, and how they are represented in Eylean Board. We hope this will give you a basic understanding of our software for your first scrum project.


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Eylean showcase

Hello everyone.

Finally we have decided to make series of short demos of Eylean board in action, showing some basic features and our so focused user experience. As these are just few starter demos, do not worry, many more will come. All the suggestions and requests are welcome. All agile methodology users may benefit from these videos as they will find out key structure elements of the board.


User assignment

Flexible workspace

Task details

Subtasks and structure



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