Eylean Board Wins 2016 Agile Project Management Software Awards From FinancesOnline


Ever since the start of Eylean Board we have always striven to bring not only features, but also quality and great service to our customers. This is why hearing your opinions and reviews, especially the good ones is extremely rewarding. This past week a big chunk of those came straight from one of the biggest software directories Finances Online.

In the recently published Eylean Board review, the site professionals gave us not only great score, but also two awards – Great User Experience Award of 2016 and Rising Star Award of 2016 for their agile project management software category. Which not only have proven that our efforts in the best user experience to have payed off, but also recognized our work in the global markets and expansion of the brand.

Besides the usability, the review highlighted customization capabilities designed to fit a variety of different processes, built in staple project management features like time tracking, task and team management and Agile functionalities to keep up with the Scrum – Kanban trends of today. If fact, Eylean Board was also recognized among the leaders on the top project management solutions list prepared by the site’s experts.

We are proud to be recognized by Finances Online in this way and hope to hear more of your reviews in the future a well!


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Get 3 Months For Free


The holiday season is almost here and we want to help spread some joy!

We will give 3 Eylean Board months for free for all 1 year subscriptions made before the 31st of December. Choose your plan, your team number and order – the additional 3 months will be on us!

Place your order here.

Get ready for the New Year by making sure your team is taken care of!


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Webinar: Maximize TFS potential with Eylean


Since Eylean Board is more than just a standalone project management software, this time the webinar will focus on the two way integration with Team Foundation Server.

We will discuss:

  • Introduction to TFS and Eylean integration;
  • TFS and Eylean mapping tricks;
  • Shifting TFS process with Eylean templates;
  • Integration with TFS online (;
  • Multiple workspaces in Eylean for only one on TFS;
  • Your questions.

Register now and find out everything you wanted to know about integrating TFS and Eylean Board.


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Pricing changes and a limited time offer!

We are excited to present to you the new Eylean Board pricing page! As may have already or will notice soon, we did not limit our changes to just the design, so let us tell you what else is new:

pricing page

First and foremost – new payment plans

We have decided to move away from our personal vs team edition pricing model. Instead, we have identified the three key subgroups of our users and devised three payment plans to serve them. From now on you will be able to choose from Basic, Professional and Premium plans. It is important to note, that all of them will have full access to all the Eylean Board features.

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Eylean Board now available in Russian as well

We have felt the need for a while and finally decided to go for it. From now on, you can enjoy Eylean Board in Russian as well!

Make sure to check it out and give us your feedback. Maybe there are other languages you would like to see Eylean in?

Eylean Russian

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Agile and lean project management tool Eylean board v1.5 released

So what’s new?

First of all, we are glad to present you features that reached the daylight after numerous requests – tracked time progress bar on tasks according to estimated hours or storypoints and the same in task details. Now each user will be able to see the progress of a task even if it was performed for some time and put back into backlog. Take a sneak peak:

task progresstask details progress





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Webinar: Apply lean and agile techniques for personal task management in Eylean board

Eylean webinar agile and lean technique application

Hello everyone,
most of you are reading this just because you keep wondering how you can improve your existing daily task management or you are seeking for new innovative ways to cope with common everyday problems.
Search no more – we will be hosting a webinar, which will cover agile and lean technique application in personal task management. Also, we will provide insights on lessons learned from our customer base and showcase how you can benefit from personally using our free tool – Eylean board.

There will be two webinars held:


We will be waiting for you, do not miss your chance to know more and benefit!

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Agile Tool Eylean Introduces a Free Personal Edition

Agile Tool Eylean FreeIt is Cyber Monday and there are a lot of deals in the market. But we have something special for you. How about a 100% discount for unlimited time? Yes, you understood it correctly – starting from today Eylean is free for your personal use!

Since our start in 2010, hundreds of companies have chosen Eylean for their enterprise projects, including giants like British Petroleum, Hitachi, Velux and others. Using Eylean helps them implement Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban, and stay agile in the world of ever-changing requirements. We think it is time for everyone to have an opportunity to take advantage of Eylean and make their development process faster, easier, and more transparent. Therefore, we are making a personal edition of Eylean agile task board free of charge.

Personal edition of Eylean includes a fully fledged task board, reporting, and analytics. You will be able to download the software and manage your personal projects with a highly visual, Scrum– and Kanban-optimized task board. Personal edition also includes time-tracking functionality, as well as export to Excel and Outlook, so that you are able to use the agile tool in the most productive way and stay on top of your personal projects.

So get the new Eylean Personal Edition now – and get things done!

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Eylean in Slush – biggest startup conference in Europe

Eylean team traveled to Finland and had a great time in one of the biggest startup events in Europe – “Slush“.
Well, to start with… It was cold, but it took only one day to get a warm cozy feeling as you belong there. Huge number of brightly minded people were met and great ideas were seen. The best part is that we were indeed contributing to the startup ecosystem in Finland and abroad as Eylean board offered free licenses for each company participating in the event. Let us all hope that those licenses will be used to build something big and world changing, like cool medical gadgets that can check your vision and predict diseases (our visions were perfect… this means abusive time spent near PC is not so bad at all, yay) or hologram projecting software. Finally, we want to say thanks to all the Slush organizers and participants who made this event a great time and fun, keep up the good work guys and don’t forget to control your project by using scrum or kanban board in Eylean.

P.S. “Pics or it didn’t happen…” Few images just to prove that we were there and even got kidnapped by ninjas!

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Eylean showcase

Hello everyone.

Finally we have decided to make series of short demos of Eylean board in action, showing some basic features and our so focused user experience. As these are just few starter demos, do not worry, many more will come. All the suggestions and requests are welcome. All agile methodology users may benefit from these videos as they will find out key structure elements of the board.


User assignment

Flexible workspace

Task details

Subtasks and structure



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