The perfect project management tool?

toolsProject management tools today are plentiful -no matter the specifications and the requirements a team has, there is a lot to choose from. Hence, the problem in getting a perfect tool is not in the supply, but more so in choosing the right one and often not getting overwhelmed by the process itself.

When it comes to defining what project management tool is right for your team, we realize, that each team’s requirements are different – some want it to be blue and some want it green. And even if you know that only blue will do, you will still have a lot of decisions to make before choosing the one. To help you in this process, we decided give you a few simple rules to follow when choosing your next tool.

Adaptability. No matter, how perfect a tool may seem in fitting all of your requirements, one thing is a must – the tool needs to be adaptable to your process. When getting a new tool you will want it to fit your business like a glove. Keep in mind, that sooner or later your process will change (whether by your own will or because of outside influences) and if the tool is not capable of changing as well, you will be stuck.

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The 5 pitfalls of project management

Pitfall22Project management is a phrase that rarely goes without a reaction. The methodologists are usually happy to bring their theories to light, however, most of us do not feel the same. The reasons why people feel some sort of negativity towards the concept are various and often from their personal experience – bad project manager, seemingly endless process, no defined goals, etc. However, the root cause of any problem seems to always linger around the same pitfalls.

1.       Defining the goals

First and foremost when working on a project, we want to know what we are trying to achieve. Clearly knowing our end goal, makes us feel like a part of it and motivates us to do everything in our power to get there. However, what happens with most teams is that the goals are not communicated and instead the day-to-day tasks are focused on. While it is important to know the short term tasks, it is even more important to communicate the end goal to the team. Only that will keep them focused, motivated and steer them into the right direction for the project.

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Why reports should be part of your daily routine

Stack-of-reports-007When talking about reports, the image that comes to most of our heads is hundreds and hundreds of pages filled with words, numbers and charts. In fact, most of us do not like to either prepare or to read reports unless they contain the exact information we are looking for. However, this image of reporting is a little outdated as with the new technology available, they have changed and are able to bring a lot more to the table.

Since the computerization of the office, the changes in reports can be summarized in three words – automatic, on time and insightful. Nowadays, the reports are mostly automatic as various project management software does exist for the sole purpose of generating them for the team. Because of that, reports are also usually live, meaning that the needed report can be accessed at any time and it will provide up to date information. The insight that reports can create for the team is also greater, as a computer can quickly analyze and cross-analyze the important data to provide information that may not be visible at first.

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Why desktop tools beat web-based

cloudWith the growing availability and improving performance of the cloud services, some were quick to judge that desktop tools are as good as dead. Surely, the web-based apps are more easily accessible, do not require installation and work on every platform. They seem like a dream come true. However, most of us tend to forget the drawbacks that the web-based tools still have until it is too late.

The benefits of web-based tools are apparent and not intended to be argued in this article. What will be argued however, is that the drawbacks of these tools should not be overlooked as in some situations they prove to be crucial. Identifying them in advance and making the right choice between web-based and desktop tools can prove to lead your company to success as you will have made the right decision.

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Why do most time tracking attempts fail within the first few months?

stopwatchTime tracking is a valuable concept for many projects. It allows managers and team members to organize their work more efficiently, plan ahead, complete projects on time and within budget. However, in reality most of the time tracking attempts fail within the first few months of being implemented and while the teams and projects where time tracking is implemented are quite different, the reasons why time tracking does not work are more or less the same.

Time tracking has evolved a great deal from the initial time sheets that were used to calculate the payroll of the employees. While it is still being used in that manner, a lot of additional uses such as project time estimation, project cost and employee productivity have been found. However, despite all the benefits that time tracking may bring to the team, there are still problems that managers are facing when trying to implement it and the first one they usually come upon is the human factor.

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Top 5 collaboration problems and 5 solutions to them

collaborationBusiness world is all about collaboration these days, teams are constructed from different organizations and locations in order to gain maximum profit and benefit for all sides. However, with more and more collaboration, more problems tend to arise as well and solutions have to be found for them.

In order to help your team solve the problems that have risen or to help you avoid them altogether, we decided to take a look at the top 5 collaboration problems and provide you with possible solutions. You should keep in mind that the solutions provided here are the most universal ones and could be adopted to various teams in trouble. Therefore you should look at these solutions more as guidelines instead of the absolute truths.

One of the biggest problems team face is the management of tasks. Deciding who is doing what and when they are doing it is vital for the project to move forward. However this process often causes a lot of confusion and frustration simply because there are no clear rules how it is done. Some team members send updates by e-mail, others by phone and there are no records of what has been done and what is coming next. To keep this from happening, you should start thinking how you will manage your tasks early in the process. One possibility is appointing a person to be in charge (usually the project manager), however it takes a lot of their time. Therefore a better solution would be adopting a task management software that would allow all the team members to access and update the information in one place.

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Why did US weapon manufacturers choose a startup from Lithuania?

Weapon manufacturers are among the biggest and the most powerful companies in the world. However, despite all their accomplishments, they have a couple of weaknesses as well. One which is their data that, if leaked, could cause tremendous trouble for the company and the stakeholders. That is why the security of data is taken very seriously and that is why some of these companies are turning to the Lithuanian startup Eylean.

board_big Eylean is a project management software for teams and companies of all sizes. And only three years after starting operations, multinational companies such as L3 Communications, British Petrolium, Tesla Motors, If and others are on the client list. Unlike most of the project management tools Eylean Board is not cloud-based. It offers a great variety of features for project management, however not being in the cloud is the feature that attracts the big companies with the sensitive data most.

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Webinar: Solving Microsoft project problems

We are glad to present you a brand new series of webinars. During recent updates Eylean launched features related to Microsoft project, so the plan is to talk about those features and how they can help in common problems that arise while using MS Project tool. As always we will provide practical samples and fresh ideas. Finally, there will be a Q/A session so do not miss it, go ahead and register:


Registration URL:

Thu, May 29, 2014 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM EEST



Registration URL:

Thu, May 29, 2014 10:00 AM- 10:45 AM Central Time

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Too many tools required

Project management is a process of organizing resources so that a project meets its goals, time line and budget. It is separate from other business activities and at the same time it incorporates all of them. Project management deals with three main factors: time, cost and performance. These factors also have many different components that are essential in a project like: planning and scheduling, developing, communicating, managing resources, monitoring progress, and all of these things require different tools of management.

Project management tools

Each project has its starting point which usually is the planning and scheduling phase, where you define your project goals. How well you plan them will have a huge impact on the end result of a project and, in order for a project to be successful, project goals need to be well defined. When goals are not clear, it is impossible for the team to meet them, so they need to be presented visually. Many projects focus on creating just a database of tasks, thus the end goal or plan may be difficult to grasp. Therefore, visualizing a project with an easy to understand tool is needed.

In order for a project to be completed successfully and on time, each task and phase of the project life cycle must constantly be tracked. Keeping track of every task, as well as the overall project, can be difficult without some kind of tool, especially if it’s a bigger project with many work items. What is more, tracked time of the project and tasks need to be presented in a form of charts or reports to have some benefit to the stakeholders and the team and so, yet another tool is needed. In addition to this, different project teams may need different reports and charts, which may require even more options to summarize tracked information.

Moreover, effective communication between team members is the foundation of a successful project, therefore, effective means and tools of conveying information are needed. As teams get bigger, or multiple projects are being worked on at the same time, certain barriers in communication can arise. Conveying information verbally or by documentation sometimes may not be enough, because tasks need be presented in such way that every team member should understand their purpose and in what project lifecycle stages these tasks are. Some teams may require to integrate information from other sources. Information may be passed back and forth between project leaders and team members regarding deliverables, changes in scope, and any other important issues regarding the project. It is also common for members to send important, and possibly sensitive, electronic documents to one another, including contracts, budgetary information, and detailed timelines. This means that a team may need to work with different programs or tools that may or may not be connected to one another.

Finally, project teams have to choose different project management softwares and techniques altogether, as every company is unique in some way. There is no software which would suit every company, as most of them try to provide customized solutions for a specific industry. This is why there are so many of them, not to mention that each software has its own tools, and because of this different variety, it may be difficult to choose the right software.

Eylean seeks to solve this problem by incorporating all tools that are needed in project management. This software targets distributed teams and suits any agile process. It contains all Kanban and Scrum features which can be applied to software development, manufacturing, construction, sales and marketing teams. Reports and time tracking are there as well, so you can focus on managing just those activities which create value without wasting time. Also, it can be integrated with Project, TFS, Outlook and Excel. Overall, Eylean seeks to increase productivity, transparency and efficiency in project management.

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How to do Lean projects

Lean is a practice where the main idea is to maximize customer value and minimize waste.  Generally, this means to deliver value for customers with fewer resources. In other words it is a set of management practices based on Toyota Production System. These practices are applied in manufacturing as well as in service industries. Lean integration drives elimination of waste by adopting reusable elements, high automation and quality improvements. In this post I will try to cover most of the principles and techniques that can be applied in lean project.

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