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Archify’s CTO: Do Not Overmanage Your Project

Today we are talking to Archify – the providers of an awesome personal archiving service – and their CTO Gerald Bäck. The company is based in Berlin, but their team is distributed across the whole Europe – and Gerald shares how they manage their development process.

Tell us about yourself. What does your company do?

I am Gerald, the CTO of Archify. Archify is a company that helps you find things again you have already seen. Let’s say you have read an article on a website, or saw a video somewhere – if you do not exactly remember where you have seen it, it is often very complicated to find it again. Archify can help you with that. We are recording and archiving every website you browse with a screenshot and the full text, and we are also archiving every update in your social stream, including your friends’ updates on Facebook and Twitter. Archify captures all that and makes it searchable for you.

Great. Can you tell us about your development team? How big is it and how is it organized?

Currently we are a team of four – and it is spread all over Europe. Max and me are the founders of the company – and we are based in Berlin. We both still work as developers, as we really enjoy developing. We also have another guy who does front end development and design – he is currently living in Portugal and will join us in Berlin next year. And we have one more developer in Ukraine. Not really a very centralized team.

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Campalyst’s CTO Tells How Using Lean Development Helps Eliminate Waste

Today we are talking to Campalyst – the social media analytics company behind the Google Analytics Twitter plugin. Campalyst team is based in Tartu, Estonia, and New York, US, and their CTO Juhan Aasaru shares a few insights into their development process. 

Tell us about yourself. What does your company do?

I am a CTO and co-founder of Campalyst. Campalyst is a 1.5-year-old startup that helps brands to sell more via social media. Companies are spending huge amounts of money for campaigns in social media with little or no clue of how much it helps them earn more. We have build the software that measures the income from social media campaigns and provides the metrics to understand what works and what does not in terms of increasing ROI.

Before founding the startup I was working as a developer and private consultant in Estonia and Ireland.

Sounds good. Can you tell us about your development team? How are you organized?

Besides me – I count myself as developer – there are other 3 full-time developers and one part-time tester. Three of us are working in our development office in Tartu, Estonia. One developer and the tester work from home and occasionally pop into the office. We are a US company and the business office is in New York.

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